Ear Piercing Types


Archeological finds in different parts of the world testify that piercing of ears always enjoyed popularity both at men, and at women. In this article we will discuss kinds of ear punctures and we learn how it is correct to look after them.

Ear Piercing Types


In the world of piercing punctures of ears are the most frequent. A wide choice of a zone of a puncture and existence of a place for an insert of several jewelry do this ear piercing type very popular. Let’s learn about kinds of ear piercing.

Ear lobe puncture

The most widespread piercing. He is easy performed by and is rather painless. It is possible to make a puncture by means of the gun or a needle. In this zone there are no cartilages and special points therefore the lobe puncture quickly begins to live and extremely seldom tears away ornament material.


This type of a puncture most often do without use of anesthetics, because sensitivity of a zone the low. The small child is capable to suffer one-stage unpleasant feelings even. For this reason mothers often puncture to the daughters of a lobe of an ear at absolutely tender age from 3 to 5 years.


Thisear piercing type – extravagant and defiant, but he has the mass of admirers. It is a kind of a puncture of a lobe of an ear, but right after a puncture insert a dilator into a hole, but not ornament. In some days it is taken out and insert a dilator of bigger diameter.


This procedure should be carried out long and patiently until the puncture reaches the suitable size for your ornament. Thus, you will need at least a month of laborious work. Sometimes to avoid long extension, near a puncture place at once do a cut. Experts don’t recommend to arrive so, this way more painful. Besides, so higher to bring the risk an infection.

Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is the top part of a curl of an ear. Therefore such type of piercing assumes a cartilage puncture. The arrangement of the top curl of an auricle doesn’t constrain the owner of such type of piercing in a choice of jewelry.


In cartilaginous tissue there are no nervous terminations, and usually such puncture is easily transferred. If such procedure brings pain which doesn’t pass later time, most likely, matter in nonprofessionalism of the master. There is a nuance at a cartilaginous puncture: you need to decide on ornament which you will wear at once. Unlike an ear lobe, the hole in a cartilage doesn’t stretch therefore its diameter needs to be selected accurately. This puncture doesn’t become the gun.

Forward Helix Piercing

From the name it becomes clear that it is a kind of a cartilaginous puncture. But in this case the hole becomes on an antihelix. Depending on the auricle size, it is possible to make multiple punctures of this kind and to wear some jewelry.


As well as Heliks piercing, this puncture becomes only by means of a needle. Heliks Forward Piercing begins to live slightly more long – about 4 months usually are required. If from the moment of a puncture passed not really a lot of time, the discomfort when wearing a cap or earphones can be felt.

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It is type of a double puncture of the top cartilage of an ear at which holes connect a bar. Classical industrial is a hole on forward part of an auricle, is closer to the head, and on the opposite side. Such type of piercing is carried by both men, and girls, but he treats extreme types.


Two punctures in a cartilage begin to live much more long, than one. Besides, in the first days it is necessary to touch minimum piercing not to injure even more an ear. Usually experts recommend to carry the first some months a bar from biolayer. And only when holes will begin to live finally, she can be replaced with ornament from other material (the titan, gold, medical steel).

Tragus piercing

Piercing of a trestle, or Tragus piercing – a womanly type of a puncture on forward part of an auricle. The trestle is a cartilaginous tissue therefore all unpleasant consequences in the form of healing and some inconveniences will be similar to Heliks’s piercing.


It is impossible to sleep on an ear where Tragus piercing, was made some months. It will bring you discomfort, just as carrying earphones. The most different jewelry – from usual rings to tacks with a stone is suitable for this type of ear piercing.

To whom is piercing of ears contraindicated?

For a start we would like to emphasize that the puncture of an ear needs to be done only in medical institution, having the license.


It is better to find to itself the skilled expert who works sterilely and won’t damage the nervous terminations at a puncture. Besides, the good master will refuse to you piercing, if:

  • you suffer from a sharp or chronic form of a disease of an ear;
  • you have in the anamnesis a craniocereberal trauma;
  • you have blood diseases;
  • you have diabetes or rheumatism;
  • at the time of carrying out procedure you got sick with a SARS;
  • you are pregnant; you didn’t reach majority;
  • there is a probability of an allergy to medical solutions.



  • There is a standard protocol to which any professional in the field of piercing tries to adhere.
  • Together with the client the master chooses ornament, estimates its diameter and weight.
  • Future place of a puncture is processed by an anti-septic tank or any disinfecting solution, the marking is put.
  • The master gets sterile tools and through punctures with a needle the marked place.
  • Right after a puncture the earring or a dilator is inserted into an ear.
  • When developing bleeding the expert undertakes measures for his stop, deletes the blood remains.
  • The puncture is once again processed by an antiseptic, if necessary the plaster is imposed.


 How to look after an ear puncture?

  • After the expert carries out the manipulations accompanying a puncture and will finish procedure, he is obliged to make to you recommendations about further leaving.
  • During healing touch a puncture place with only carefully washed up hands even if you put antiseptics.
  • Don’t move ornament during healing time, especially it concerns cartilaginous punctures by means of a bar.
  • Thus you chafe a wound and it doesn’t manage to heal.
  • Don’t visit a sauna and a bath as it is the ideal environment for reproduction of bacteria.
  • Too most concerns the sports hall and the pool.
  • It isn’t recommended to take a hot bath, it can provoke bleeding from a puncture place.
  • Try to take away as much as possible hair to exclude possibility of their hit in jewelry and a casual trauma.
  • Be accurate at games with children and pets – they can incidentally touch a place of a puncture and irritate a fresh wound.
  • At a trauma or an inflammation accurately process a wound an anti-septic tank, use the regenerating cream according to the recommendation of the expert.
  • If necessary scroll ornament in a puncture (concerns products in a lobe).
  • You don’t sleep on the pierced ear some days (at cartilage punctures – some months) not to provoke complication.
  • Use medicine for prevention of otitis.
  • If suddenly the inflammation or suppuration after a puncture doesn’t pass within several days, urgently address to the doctor.
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How to_look_after_an_ear_piercing

Possible complications

Professionally made piercing begins to live quickly if to observe all recommendations about leaving. But not always the master performs the work accurately, besides, on imprudence you can put yourself a trauma.


  1. If in a wound inflammatory process began, process it peroxide of hydrogen or Miramistin and accurately massage ear area. Repeat procedure some days if it doesn’t help – address to the doctor.
  2. Juice of an aloe or iichthyol oil will help to eliminate small suppurations.
  3. If you feel heat, try if it is possible to replace ornament with a product from other material.


How to pick up jewelry?

Now it is possible to pick up jewelry for piercing for every taste and a purse. Depends on a choice of material not only an esthetic look, but also a healing of a puncture and in general health of an organism. We will try to mention the most popular and actual models of products that you could make a right choice.

Materials of products

By production of jewelry for piercing various materials are used, but not all of them approach for socks. Your organism can not accept some of them specifically, and some are toxic at all.

Medical steel


It is very widespread material for production of products for piercing in Russia, but in a number of the countries of Europe and in North America it is forbidden as contains toxic nickel in structure. If all of you decided to choose a product from surgical steel, give preference to a product from the 300th test. Make surgical tools of her, she is least toxic.



Politetraftoretilen, or teflon, is hypoallergenic material and suits all. It is soft and flexible metal therefore products from a politetraftoretilen recommend to carry during active healing of a wound. If you made piercing during pregnancy, experts recommend to wear such jewelry during the entire period of incubation and a lactation.

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Very widespread, but aggressive metal. Jewelry of silver is oxidized and badly influences a lymph if to put a product right after a puncture.



It is better to choose jewelry from 750 (highest) tests. Gold perfectly gets accustomed in any place of a puncture of an ear, this material is considered one of the safest for health. At a choice of jewelry from low test there can be an allergy.



The best material for piercing of an ear is a titan. He doesn’t contain harmful components and impurity. This metal is absolutely safe, it use even at production of artificial limbs. Usually for piercing of ears use brands of the titan of G23 and G5.



Biolayer – one more safe material which conforms to the American and Swiss quality standards. Perfectly gets accustomed, it is flexible and is suitable for pregnant women.



Some jewelry for tunnels does of plastic. Remember that such products can be inserted only into a puncture which began to live finally, and to carry not long. Every day it needs to be taken out and wiped an anti-septic tank.



Soft and comfortable material, but is capable to cause irritation as sticks to a piercing place. Therefore it is possible to use only on the begun to live punctures.

Natural materials


Are widely used for piercing of ornament from natural materials: bones and buffalo horns, jewels, tree. For extensions more often choose spirals from horns or borosilicate glass. Without special clamps it is better not to carry such products – they can be lost, as they massive and smooth. piercing from a horn.

Types of products

Any person, choosing ornament for piercing, is guided by own taste, estimating beauty of a product. We will consider the most widespread ear rings for piercing of an ear.



Bar Bar, or Barbella – popular ornament for industrial. Is a straight line from the nonflexible I swore on which ends clamps are established. A highlight of this type of ornament – in a variety of a form of clamps, and still it is possible to add a chain to them.



The ring for piercing of an ear is a circle with the absent segment on which place the sphere or a decorative figure is located. Most often clients piercing salon prefer rings with a diameter from 6 to 10 mm.



Ornament in the form of a direct stick with a decorative element and a disk from the different parties. Reminds earrings-pussety. The carving can settle down with external and inside.



Banana is a spiral on which from both parties decorative balls or cones, with inserts from a stone or are wound without.



This ornament is created especially for piercing of a lobe of an ear (tunnel), looks as a curved cone and is used for extension of a puncture.



Looks as a horseshoe, from both parties on him decorative balls or thorns screw on. circular We hope that this article helped you to make the decision on, whether piercing of an ear is necessary to you and to decide on a place of a puncture and ornament.

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