Conch Piercing


Conch piercing is a piercing of an auricle in internal part of a bottom of an external ear. Procedure is carried out on technology with observance of security measures. The professional before work carries out special preparation not to provoke complication. The puncture of a cartilage is dangerous, blood vessels and the nervous terminations accumulate here.

What is conch piercing and its features

Conch – one of the most convenient piercings in an ear cartilage. He is at a bottom and less than the others is subject to external irritants.

For a puncture the point located in parallel a safe point on a lobe gets out. The choice of a place of passing of a needle plays an important role, there is a high risk of damage of large vessels. The skilled master illuminates a sink to reveal vascular textures.


This option of piercing has no distinction on a sexual sign. Conch punctures beautifully look in a male and female ear. Ornament tiny, modest, isn’t evident and doesn’t look as a call to society.

Conch piercing began to enjoy wide popularity though few years ago very few people knew about him. It is a peculiar way to emphasize the taste and to add a highlight at image.


As there takes place procedure

Procedure painless, but many clients ask masters about local anesthesia. In this case ointments are applied to a permanent make-up and piercing. During punching of a cartilage the loud creaking sounds as this part of an ear is in close interrelation with an eardrum can be heard.

As do conch piercing in an ear:

  1. The master carries out sterilization of tools and an earring.
  2. Skin from the internal and outer side is disinfected by an anti-septic tank or medical alcohol.
  3. The marking is carried out.
  4. Needle with a diameter of 10-16 Ga the cartilage makes the way.
  5. Jewelry which is passed in an opening is inserted into hollow part of a needle and clasped.
  6. The auricle is repeatedly processed by an anti-septic tank.

For carrying out procedure address to salon to the expert. It isn’t recommended to do conch piercings on a photo in house conditions, problems with health, loss of hearing and development of complications in the form of destruction of a cartilage are possible.

For a puncture of cartilaginous tissue sharp needles with laser sharpening and a cavity are used inside, the gun isn’t used, its power isn’t enough for punching of an opening, and he can crush a cartilage that will lead to ugliness.

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Care of a puncture

Healing of conch piercing lasts 6-12 months. The ear in this part is badly supplied with blood therefore the risk of an inflammation is high. The correct regular leaving will help to reduce development of complications and will increase chances of sewing of an earring.


  • For the entire period of restoration it is necessary to refuse earphones.
  • The wound has to be protected from hit of dirt and hair.
  • In the first month it is impossible to visit a bath, a sauna, to play sports and to bathe in open reservoirs.
  • Obligatory processing by antiseptics twice a day and at each hit of dust, dirt in an opening.
  • Not to sleep on the party where the puncture was made.
  • Each two days to change a pillowcase on a pillow not to provoke growth of microbes and bacteria.
  • Not to take off ornament before full healing.
  • In the first week not to wet a wound.

Ear the discomfort will constantly ache and deliver 2-3 months. If the strong inflammation, pus, an itch, reddening is observed, it is necessary to ask for medical care urgently.

Jewelry choice

There are two options of ear rings for piercing: primary and for the begun to live opening. For normal and fast healing of a cartilage primary type of jewelry has to be made of not torn away hypoallergenic material. The best compatibility with skin the titan, acryle, silicone, platinum, teflon possesses.

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It is possible to insert products from gold into the begun to live puncture, surgical steel.

Earlier surgical steel was used for all types of punctures on a body, but her negative influence on a wound was noticed. At contact with blood and a lymph she causes irritation and promotes infection.

Optimum design for piercing conch – a ring with a fastener in the form of a ball or a smooth cone, a bar. Options of ear rings ideally fit into this part of an ear and protect surrounding fabrics, the channel of an opening from injuries. After healing replacement by more graceful and interesting earring with decorative elements is possible. Advantageously the bar decorated with small diamond or a semiprecious stone looks.

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If it is wrong to pick up a product, the inflammation and rejection can begin. The earring with a small length of a core puts pressure upon a wound. Too big core will move in the channel, to injure him and to disturb healing. To pick up diameter and length of ornament the master after studying of an anatomic structure of an ear will help.

If the puncture conch is pleasant, it is necessary to study attentively features of this option of piercing and carefully to be prepared for him. At the time of procedure there shouldn’t be catarrhal and viral infections, exacerbations of chronic diseases. To pierce a cartilage only in sterile conditions in the salon having the license for this type of service. The mistake of the master can threaten with deafness, otitis, a constant inflammation and failure in work of internals. Don’t risk health, be careful.

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