Cheek Piercing


Cheek Piercing is a name of the punctures passing through facial tissues straight in a mouth. As a rule, the arrangement of openings symmetric also becomes on both cheeks. It is confirmed by numerous photos of works of pirser. During procedures the nervous terminations that promotes formation of small dimples are slightly damaged.


Artificially created deepenings look touchingly, give notes of a charm and children’s innocence. Process of creation of punctures unpleasant because of a large number of blood vessels, but doesn’t cause strong pain. Wounds begin to live quickly without complications, but at observance of all of the recommendation about leaving during restoration.

Features of cheeks piercing

This type of piercing becomes in those places where there are dimples or could be. Such punctures of time are among for today the most popular. Unlike the competitors piercing in cheeks isn’t ancient art and wasn’t thought up hundreds years ago. This bodymodifikation belongs to the modern world.

Cheek Piercing

Traditional kind of a puncture of cheeks is through with the subsequent installation of a labret. Openings are made symmetrically in the lower part or in the middle of the person. In time ornament socks teeth and tongue don’t sustain damage.

For those who wishes to wear earrings in deepenings of cheeks, but doesn’t welcome through holes, experts suggest to puncture only the top layer of an integument and in him implant mikrodermat. From above there is a tip of a small bar, on it it is possible to wind various decorative jewelry tips.

Cheek Piercing

Unlike classical piercing of a mikrodermala have important advantage – fast healing without allocation of a lymph which can exhale an unpleasant smell. In the first days this phenomenon can be observed, but liquid doesn’t flow down in a mouth, and accumulates on a surface. A lack of mikrodermal – risk of formation of cicatricial fabric after removal.

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Cheek Piercing

Cheek piercing procedure

It is important that manipulations were carried out by the expert. Carrying out piercing in house conditions dangerously and can provoke a number of serious complications. In a face there is a large number of the nervous terminations and if it is wrong to choose a place for a puncture or it is careless to enter a needle, it is possible to cause a partial or full paralysis of muscles.

Cheek Piercing

Depending on the client’s wishes, procedure is carried out with application of local anesthesia.

Main stages:

  1. The client together with the master selects ornament, decide on a kind of an opening.
  2. Preliminary consultation about rules of leaving and a temporary ban until full healing of wounds is held.
  3. There is a sterilization of the chosen ornament, needles, gloves.
  4. The place of a puncture is processed special by an anti-septic tank, the expert puts on gloves and carries out a marking of future openings.
  5. By means of sterile disposable needles the puncture is put.
  6. The earring is inserted.
  7. Once again processing by an anti-septic tank becomes. In case of need wounds are stuck with a plaster.

Cheek Piercing

Procedure is simple, the main thing that the master had necessary knowledge and skills doesn’t demand long preparation.

Care and effects at the wrong puncture

Any puncture on a body is called piercing and even habitual holes in lobes of ears, but openings in a face are considered as the most extravagant. Many young people go to salon, without reflecting on effects and difficulties of rehabilitation.

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Cheek Piercing

The artificial dimples decorated with earrings demand careful leaving and long begin to live – about 2-3 months. It is connected with that passes a set of blood vessels and the nervous terminations in a face zone, and an integument rather dense.

Restrictions during healing:

  • it is impossible to visit a sunbed, a sauna, to swim in the pool, reservoirs;
  • not to put on clothes through the head, without covering a mouth with hands;
  • not to wash a face hot water;
  • to refuse use of any cosmetics;
  • not to do replacement of jewelry.

Cheek Piercing

That process of healing took place it is necessary quicker:

  • 3-4 times a day to process outer side of a puncture antiseptic solution.
  • Every time to rinse a mouth after food.
  • To apply the healing ointment several times a day according to the recommendation of the master.

Cheek Piercing

In the first days from wounds the lymph and an ichor is allocated, strong salivation, and the skin which slightly swelled is observed.

Cheek Piercing

In certain cases even at observance of all of the recommendation such consequences as not survival of jewelry and formation of cicatricial fabric are observed. In this case it is recommended to get rid of products and to heal wounds. At best there will be small scars. On a photo such traces look, as the real dimples.

Cheek Piercing

Jewelry and their choice

The choice of products which will be inserted into punctures in a cheek, should give special value. It is proved that healing speed depends on ear rings. It is better to insert labreta into through punctures is a kind of bars. One end is equipped with a flat round plate, another a decorative element. Usually diameter makes 1,6 mm. On external part any ornament in the form of beads, fear, balls, small figures can be wound.

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Cheek Piercing

For superficial punctures mirodermala are used. One part is implanted in skin, another is intended for putting on decorative a product.

It is important that earrings were made of hypoallergenic material – the titan or medical steel.

On an ornament photo in cheeks look attractively but before deciding on them, it is necessary to consider possible complications carefully.
Cheek Piercing
The long period of healing, risk of injury of a nerve, dribble of a lymph, swelled – only part of risks which can wait for you. To avoid effects you carry out procedure only at the qualified specialist and follow all recommendations.
Cheek Women Piercing

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