Barbell Piercing


Barbell piercing is the ornament for punctures on a body and a face having a stick appearance with the fixing price markups at the edges. There are different options and purposes of an earring. The product ideally “joins” skin, creating a unique image. Today it is popular option of decorative jewelry for punctures.

What is also features of a puncture for a barbell

The earring a barbell looks as a small dumbbell: a direct round core with two price markups on the ends having a ball appearance. Often she is called banana or barbell. It is an optimum form of a product for piercing on those parts of the face and bodies where it is impossible to use bulky and dangerous rings. Usually the bar is entered into a nipple, tongue, a navel and a nose.


Producers let out details from 6 to 22 mm long. The variation of lengths is applied to different parts of a body. The big size of an earring is necessary for a fresh puncture, after introduction of a needle within 2-3 minutes of fabric swell, there is a change of their state and appearance. Small length disturbs healing, promotes continuous traumatizing and growing of metal into skin. Big ornament dangles in a wound, and stirs it to a tightening. Replacement of a core by the small is made later few weeks.

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The ball on the end is of great importance. He has to be sufficient volume not to fail in a wound and not to get stuck.

Bars are selected under a type of a puncture: nadkozhny, hypodermic. The last type has more difficult technology of formation of an opening and introduction of an earring.

Types of barbells

Jewelry for barbell piercing is selected in accurate compliance with part of a body where the puncture becomes.

Options of products:

  • Bars for installation in tongue. It is body consists of muscles and at his damage hypostasis immediately begins, after a needle the long bar of 18-16 mm in size is inserted. 2-3 weeks later her change for the smaller. It promotes healing and protection of tooth enamel against damages and chips.
  • Barbell for a navel puncture. The channel is formed in a fold over a navel. A plane look in which banana with a curved core is established. If there came pregnancy, the girl is recommended to replace steel or other metal with flexible silicone option.
  • Ear ring in a nose. In this case Barbella are used for types of Nassalang, Septril, Austen Bar, Bridge, seldom microbananas are applied to a septum.
  • Bar for piercing of nipples. In this case the opening can be located vertically and horizontally. Microjewelry with balls at the edges that the smooth surface didn’t cling to clothes is inserted into him and didn’t injure.
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The puncture industrial is ideally suited for installation in an eyebrow and an ear (at the level of a lobe). The lip is also decorated with microbars – Monroe, Madonna, Estrum, Ashley, piercing of the top or lower bridle.


For acquisition it is possible to go to shop or to order on a photo on the Internet.


Pros and Cons of different materials

By production of products for piercing the following materials are used:

  • Gold. For a fresh wound recommend jewelry only of gold of the highest test, further for a navel it is allowed to carry products from the 585th.
  • Surgical steel. Material, popular in Russia, which is forbidden in America and Europe because of ability to allocate dangerous substances in blood and a lymph. It is recommended to insert only into the begun to live puncture.


It is impossible to use the earrings containing silver. It is the aggressive precious metal which is oxidized in a fresh wound and causing an inflammation.

  • Biolayer. Ideal option for fast healing of piercing in different parts of a body.
  • Acryle. Well is suitable for decoration of language, doesn’t injure teeth. doesn’t cause an allergy.
  • Quality medical titan. Material possesses the maximum biocompatibility with a human body.
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Silver barbell it is possible to apply as decorative ornament for 2-3 hours.


How to remove and put on a barbell

Procedure has to be carried out correctly and with observance of sanitary standards.



  1. Rinse a mouth weak salt solution.
  2. Wash hands antibacterial soap.
  3. Slowly twist a fastener, it has to be untwisted softly. If doesn’t move, then it is better to take off an earring in salon at the master.
  4. To remove accurately not to injure the channel.
  5. You enter the new disinfected earring into an opening, trying not to wound a puncture.
  6. Record a fastener.
  7. Rinse a mouth salt solution.
Bars for piercing are in great demand, the fashion on punctures on a body develops and today it is difficult to surprise someone with an earring in tongue, a navel. Producers offer the rich range of jewelry among which it is easy to choose unusual or classical option. Upon purchase numerous factors are considered: how many openings are, a form of a puncture and a location.

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