Back Dimple Piercing


Poles on a back are the symmetric hollows located over a back top iliac bone on a lower back and are directly over a sacral iliac joints. They are identical among themselves and possess certain forms and the size.


Even if at you it isn’t visible dimples, find out, whether there are they at close relatives as they are defined by genetics. Therefore if you don’t bear the genes responsible for their existence, no training will create them as they are over bones.

Nevertheless, something interesting is shown by statistics: some women found poles over buttocks after body weight increased. Therefore it is worth visiting the doctor and to check BWI (body weight index).


Mythical sense of dimples

Poles on a waist still are called dimples of Venus, associating with beauty. According to the Roman mythology, there was “a goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity, a victory and desire”, widely known as Venus. She was mother of all Romans and was respected because was an embodiment of love, prosperity, beauty at religious festivals.


These myths could be observed in works of art and literatures. For this reason of people and art became an integral part of an esthetics and beauty. For example, images of Venus were found in mosaics and pictures from stones, a tile or flew down. Though actually images or sculptures of Venus in most cases have no these dimples.

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Definitely many people heard about a sign of Venus in the zodiaс. By the way, you can interpret compatibility with the partner, using various signs of Venus.


People reckon with poles of Venus as the very successful. Also there is a theory that their owners are more sensitive to intimate caress and easier reach an orgasm as they have an improved blood circulation in the field of a basin.

Back Dimple Piercing

One of methods of punctures of a back is application the surgical tool under the name aortic punch. This equipment helps to enter to piercing skin, and then deletes a small piece of an integument. It causes less pain.


The second method of piercing in this area is carried out by means of clips and a needle. Work of a clip consists in grabbing skin for creation of “pocket”. As a result the puncture has to have a L-shaped form that there was an opportunity to put ornament.

After procedure, the surgeon or the master in piercing has to stop bleeding and clear a wound. Besides, he has to give instructions and advice on care of a place of a puncture and to accelerate healing. It is necessary to adhere to all instructions to avoid pain and an infection.

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Before showing piercing in a lower back (in bikini, low jeans, tops, sports trousers etc.), be convinced that you can already use jewelry (rings). At appropriate leaving and clarification, it is necessary to use at first jewelry balls from 1 to 3 first months. Nevertheless, if pain remains, it is necessary to address to the expert for consultation, inspection and treatment.


For carrying out this procedure first of all it is necessary to find the reliable master in piercing. In the majority of good salons the price of piercing of dimples on a waist makes from 35 to 75 US dollars. Cost depends on quality of medical services in the country.

Pros and Cons

Back dimple piercing is done to look more sexual and more attractive (especially with additional jewelry for a body, such as tattoos). It is recommended to consider carefully this decision as the puncture can lead to undesirable consequences, especially in the presence of a back pains.

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Even if you can minimize these shortcomings, for a start it is worth consulting with the expert. It will allow to make the right decision.


  • Piercing adds beauty and appeal
  • Helps to be allocated and self-express.


  • Pain during a puncture and healing
  • Piercing is sometimes rejected if postoperative treatment insufficiently qualitative or is ignored
  • Wounds are often subject to infections
  • Sometimes there are difficulties in care of piercing on a waist during healing process
  • The probability of that can get stuck ornament in clothes that will cause painful feelings.

Sacral pole at the backbone basis at adults and children

Back Dimple (Venus dimple) shouldn’t be confused to a sacral pole. Unlike hollows on a waist or a lower back, sacral poles usually settle down above folds between buttocks and can be present at babies at the birth. According to Mayo’s clinic, sacral poles are harmless, but can demand surgical intervention if there is an anomaly in a backbone or they hurt. Sometimes they are called sacral or pilonidalny poles.


The person can be aware even not that he has dimples of Venus as they can be hidden under a grease layer in a back. Some people can find them after reduction of body weight.

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