Anti Eyebrow Piercing


Piercing – modification of a body most popular at the moment, but it fans aren’t sated with that it is possible to puncture in usual beauty shops any more. To such to “usual types of piercing” belong: navel piercing from above and from below, piercing of an eyebrow horizontally and vertically, piercing of tongue, nose, ears, cheeks and so on. But after all there are also such types of piercing which are recognized dangerous and extreme, it have many contraindications and complications, but, however, these types of punctures of a human body now gather the increasing and great popularity among teenagers.


Among them there is also such unusual puncture which “anti-eyebrow” is called, it looks rather beautifully, but has a heap of contraindications and complications if behind him wrong not able and ignorant person looks after or do it.

But, if you after all were solved on him or you think over it, this article was written especially for you.

She will tell about what this anti eyebrow piercing of contraindication has as to prepare themselves for this surgical intervention what to do after procedure, and also about everything that is connected with the procedure course, the first replacement of an ear ring and its choice. So, perhaps, we will start.
We will begin with the most important – contraindications. Them twenty one is.



1) Pregnancy
2) Lactation
3) PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)
4) Any diseases of skin, including teenage and menstrual acne
5) Heart disease
6) Periods (especially if there are diseases of a uterus, ovaries and an endometriya)
7) Diseases of urinogenital system at men
8) A poor eyesight (the small aberration is also considered)
9) Diseases of respiratory system of bodies (especially, bronchial asthma)
10) Diseases of mammary glands
11) Oncology of all stages of any bodies and their systems
12) Neuralgia
13) An allergy to metals (it needs to be specified at the allergologist)
14) Age till fifteen years
15) Renal failure of all severity
16) Ulcer diseases of a digestive tract of all severity
17) Ischemic colitis
18) Hemophilia
19) Gynecologic diseases of all severity
20) Underdevelopment of hemispheres of a brain and Down syndrome
21) All any inflammatory processes (postoperative periods early, cold, cough, even small temperature)
If you have at least a one of the above contraindications, it is necessary to refuse piercing forever or to try to cure a disease.

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Piercing procedure

So, anti-eyebrow piercing is a puncture of fabrics which are under an eye strictly under that place where standard eyebrow piercing, that is vertical becomes. In order that the puncture passed successfully, skin needs to dry, be not to overdried a little at all, differently after procedure skin will start exfoliating, and the puncture will cause an excruciating pain. The night before it is necessary to wash with laundry or tar soap, and in the morning with children’s cream-soap.
If you strongly are afraid of a puncture, but all the same you want it, it is necessary to drink soothing which is good you affects.


If you have such opportunity, it is possible to stick intramuscularly weak drug, but for a start it is necessary to learn, whether there is no allergy at you to it, and whether somebody will be able to see off you. It is necessary to see off you as you will be in some kind of prostration where you will be in the world and you will surely want to fly, but you thus will be able to think the head, though is foggy. An hour later after a prick you will wildly want to sleep therefore it is necessary to ask the acquaintance or the friend that you were brought by car home.



At once it is necessary to tell that you can not hope for anesthesia for that simple reason that nearby pass eye vessels and the nervous terminations therefore if you were solved on an anti-eyebrow, suffer, after all, as they say, the beauty demands the victims, and, often rather big and serious.
The puncture rather painful, severe pain remains within an hour after a puncture then ceases a little. In principle, it is possible to suffer, the main thing – adjust yourself on a positive, before a puncture listen to favourite music, and it is possible even during the procedure.


Procedure course

It is specially painted with subparagraphs in order that everyone could learn that with it will do and could not worry if sees something new to himself.
1) You lay down on a special high couch
2) The master rubs off a puncture place the wadded tampon moistened in special solution and clamped by nippers
3) The place of a puncture is planned by points an iodic marker
4) The flesh is clamped by surgical nippers with cloves (at this moment the master takes a needle in hand – if you are afraid, it is better not to look at her as she very thick and a cut reminds a scalpel)
5) Nippers are squeezed more feasibly, the puncture becomes (it takes no more than a second)
6). Put on a small pro-barrel from rubber a needle
7) The master takes tweezers an ear ring which was dipped previously into the disinfecting solution
8) Insert an ear ring into a needle and stretch it in the received hole
9) The bar twists
10) Skin about a puncture is disinfected, wiped blood then the wound is closed up with a special anti-bactericidal plaster.

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If it seems to you that all this long, you are mistaken: all procedure since that moment as the master will take a tampon with solution in hand, until, when you will get up from a couch, no more than three-four minutes will go. And, you have to consider that the master will spend the most part of this time for disinfecting, twisting of a bar and processing after the ball is wound.


After a puncture the pirser will surely ask as your health, will tell than and how to process a puncture then you can be free. But, as it was stated above if delivered you a soft drug, you have to be taken surely from salon home. Remember that the master doesn’t bear responsibility for your safety if the prick was put by someone from acquaintances! You have to take care and think of yourself about the health.

Pain syndrome after a puncture

He remains within an hour after piercing procedure then gradually decreases. But it is before going to bed better to drink an anesthetic as at night pain again will return, and, in the strengthened “mode”.
There can be a strong hypostasis, it will remain within a week. Only don’t take in head to put ice! Overcooling will cause frostbite which is capable to leave an irreparable trace in your life in respect of health.

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Processing of a puncture

The anti-eyebrow piercing needs to be processed only sodium chloride solution, that is, you need to take a teaspoon of table salt and to dissolve it in half of glass of warm water. To pour liquid in small capacity and to overturn on a puncture so that it was washed by this solution, to keep capacity in such situation six-seven minutes then to pour out liquid, and to wipe a puncture Q-tips in those places where the flesh adjoins to air. It is necessary to process within three months twice a day, that is, each twelve hours, differently a puncture will decay and it will start being torn away.

Remember still such moment: don’t take in head to pick and scratch out nails blood from ornament! Dirt which we carry under nails, will get to a puncture and can cause the strongest inflammation which can end is very deplorable.

Replacement and choice of an ear ring

It is possible to change an ear ring only four months later after to you make an anti-eyebrow. Before inserting ornament into a puncture, it needs to be washed out carefully in sodium chloride solution, only for such solution it is necessary to take two teaspoons of salt on the same volume of water. The very first ornament has to be simple, that is, without paste and other nonsense. A standard ear ring from medical steel, silver or a biofleks.


It is also possible to use the titan, after all he is used for various devices which are implanted in a human body. It isn’t necessary to save on an ear ring – more expensive will leave, after all it not a puncture of a lobe of an ear where you will replace ornament and in two days everything is good, it is serious surgical intervention.

If you decided to make an anti-eyebrow, you don’t look for the master who will take less for the work, don’t save on an ear ring, process a puncture and be convinced that you have no allergy to metals and diseases which are given in the list of contraindications. Remember that piercing an anti-eyebrow will depend only on your attention to itself therefore treat it with full gravity.

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