Wingman Dating App


Have you ever dreamed of having your friend meet the soul mate? It’s now possible with Wingman! Just launched this year, this London mobile dating app turns your friends into real matchmakers.

When your friends play cupids for you

With Wingman, it’s up to you to find the best partner for your single friend. Because some people are sometimes too nervous or shy about trying online dating, because others are struggling to find the right person for them, this app is an original alternative.


The principle is pretty much the same as for Tinder for example, except that you are going to create the profile, choose the pictures of your friend, describe him or her and select the partners with whom you think this can work. Once the match is done, the two can then meet face to face chat to exchange and why not meet if the charm works!

The pros and cons of Wingman

Wingman presents itself as more “human” than some other dating apps since compatibility between profiles is not established by an algorithm but rather by the matchmaker itself. Another advantage, if a selected person refuses the match, your friend will know absolutely nothing, which avoids the unpleasant feeling of defeat, disappointment, rejection and all that follows!


Be careful however, only imperative for it to work: know perfectly his friend (e), his desires, his expectations in order to choose profiles that really correspond to him. As for the single person in care, he or she must have full confidence in you since his love destiny is in your hands. Terrifying experience or great relief, in any case the concept is not lacking interest!

For now, Wingman is available in the US, Australia and Great Britain. The application is available on iTunes and soon on Android.

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