Willow Dating App


Willow is characterised by the simplicity of use and by the functions specialised in the research of contacts with whom to exchange on common subjects of interest. With other systems of dialogue it is often difficult to meet contacts with which tastes and ideas common are shared. With Willow it is easy thing.

Willow is free, simple and goes straight to the point

The objective of free dating app Willow for platforms iPod and iPad is to put in contact his users. Contrary to most programmes of the same type Willow – Branch Out takes into account the subjects which hold you most in heart to be connected with other users who share them. In fact Willow takes your personality into account.

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Its concepteurs bet on the map of friendliness which allows to get into contact, to discuss and possibly to meet people with whom you exchange.

With Willow express yourselves about everything and everywhere

This dating app was deeply recommended by reputed magazines as Her or MacWorld. Its direction towards the research of common interests makes a separate platform there. She is completely reassured and you have the control of what other users can see. Willow also understands a very complete module of georeferencing. He allows you to continue using application where that you are in the world.


Besides a deployment on iPod and iPhone, Willow is present on FaceBook, Twitter and on the web in form of a very complete site. You have therefore the possibility of staying in contact with the users whose subjects of interest you share, and it, wherever you are and whoever is the equipment of connection at your disposal.

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