Trans Dating Apps

Trans Dating Apps

About the site

“Ladyboykisses” this is the one of the most popularity trans dating apps. This site is intended for people with a traditional orientation, as well as for gays and lesbians. The site was created back in 2007 and allows you to find extraordinary Dating for 11 years. The main page of the site does not contain pornographic pictures and images.

Lady boy kisses


On the site you can set the basic search criteria, namely:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Photo availability
  • Online

You can also use advanced search to Refine some additional criteria. There is also a local search function for those who want to get acquainted in a particular region.

This site uses a matching algorithm to highlight participants that you might like. Trans dating apps Ladyboykisses also has a group chat, which allows you to communicate with several people. Also, users have the opportunity to invite other participants to a private chat. One of the most attractive function is video chat, which is a good and safe option for a first Internet date.


This site has a registration form of 20 required fields. There is also an option to register via Facebook.


You cannot see other members profiles on the site if you are not registered. There’s also no way to hide your photos, so anyone can see you.

The alarm button that allows you to immediately redirect the user to any other site is not available in this trans dating apps.

All website data is sent via SSL connection, which minimizes the possibility to intercept your messages by other persons.

trans anonimity

Other function

The site has paid services that give users more opportunities. You can cancel a paid subscription while keeping your profile active. If necessary, you can delete your profile. There are two ways to do this: hide your profile or close your account. The hidden profile will not be visible to other members and can be restored at any time. When you close your account, the profile can no longer be restored.

Wish You happy Dating!

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