The League Dating App


The League dating app is a kind of Tinder version elite, reserved for the ambitious and for the demanding. No conditions of resources nor of physical criteria, but a real desire to find the soul mate is necessary to see its accepted profile.

A network of initiating

According to his creator and founder Amanda Bradford, The League dating app is intended for all young single men who have strong professional ambition and careerists and who want to make «real meetings» and not just to collect appointments to “go to the actual”. A system of a new type to avoid the losses of time further to wrong profiles, hunters of meetings, lack of frankness.

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First 1000 subscribers were besides shortlisted in the own address book of the founder and each of these first registered students had the possibility of giving an entrance ticket in one of their knowledge. Today even, inscription is only available for the young inhabitants of the biggest American cities among most “Hip” and however, The League app already has about 10000 profiles in waiting list and its success is very real. The opening in the big European capitals would be promised for very soon.

A meticulous selection

An algorithm proves your profile Facebook and LinkedIn, to avoid forgers, wrong identity or false statements during your inscription. The slightest breach or the smallest error in given information can be worth you a refusal categorically from the outset!
Indeed, in complete opposition with appli as Tinder who allows to any collector to “flash” on almost all women who pass nearby, news The League dating app promises that it will be impossible to click on all what moves without seeing itself penalised see excluded!

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A true interest for a profile must be necessary before wanting to get into contact with the person It is that The League app is meant to be a place where the desire of true meeting is primordial! The teams of selection make a fierce hunt for the wolves who collect requests, to all those who leave messages without answer, but also to those who throw appointments and don’t go, to the disrespect or to the dispatch of indecent photos there …

The founder also promises the pure and simple exclusion from the members who wouldn’t respect rules and would lack politeness.

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