Snapchat Dating App


Snapchat is a free mobile app of distribution of photos and of videos (“Snaps”) developed by students of Stanford in September, 2011. Available on iTunes and Android, she gives a border of the time of visualisation of the sent pictures and many options.

An app different from classical freight forwarding

Snapchat bets everything on the person with a strong visual sense by allowing to the users to go out of traditional text messages to express itself entirely according to their desires. Indeed, photo or video can be incredibly customised by topping up drawings, émoticônes and texts. But the main difference of Snapchat (and its major trump) is in its ephemeral side. Indeed, the sent picture must be taken over instant and has a limited length determined by the sender, going from one till ten seconds, time after which it self-destructs. The Snapchat dating app gives so a player and more living aspect, she favours nearness between the users.

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This border of time which first reassured and enticed the subscribers isn’t however infallible since it doesn’t prevent the screenshots of snaps. The similar for function cat and the modules of video dialogues set up in 2014 because these last can also be safeguarded. So, the ephemeral side loses a little its sense and the users rather have interest in paying attention them to send, notably those who use it for the sexting or the sexto.

Share his pictures and much more

Once downloaded application, the user must create a count by giving information to his user’s name, to his email and to his password. Snapchat is then going to achieve contacts which the person has on her mobile phone and that are on the app themselves. It will be also possible to add friends already not being in the list of contact. Don’t stay any more then than to accomplish snaps.

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And there, a crowd of possible options with photo, video, legend, drawings etc. The user will then have to determine the time of appearance of the dispatch. The countdown begins as soon as the file is opened by one or several addressees.

The subscriber can decide to send a private snap or to all his list of contacts. If the message is publicly sent, contacts will dispose maximum of 24h to read him. As on Facebook, each can consult his thread of actuality to see so all received and sent snaps. For some time, application also offers to show the place of the snap thanks to the georeferencing. “Geofilters” can be Community, personal and even professional.

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