Seeking Millionaire Dating App


Every good millionaire who respects himself is naturally always in action and his office is from now on on his smartphone. Here is the reason for which the app Seeking Millionaire accompanies from now on the dating site of the same name.

Rich men for sublime women

From the page of presentation of this news appli very selective, tone is given. That you are a man who succeeded, who works a lot and earns his living therefore well (100000$ a year minimum is to register), or a sexy, young and nice woman who needs to feel in security, and that you are disappointed by the overcrowded and too common dating sites, Seeking Millionaire is made for you!

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Naturally, if you are a man who earns his living well you are seldom at home! Always on the deep, you wobble between business trips and meetings in the summit. The  Seeking Millionaire dating app follows you therefore everywhere on your smartphone and promises you no furthermore not to have to waste time with traditional, disappointing meetings or which lack originality.

If you are a successful woman, you are indeed disappointed by the men whom you meet and who don’t correspond to your ideal of life, who will be able to give you all that you want …

Seeking Millionaire dating app is a directed service, with system of alerts of the geolocalises members, directed researches according to defined criteria and of course a very easy and private freight forwarding to be taken in hand.

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Quality doesn’t rhyme with quantity

From inscription on the mobile app, the members are chosen and sorted out and a quality charter must be accepted.
Healthy and rich «men or women» and young women «nice, healthy and sexy». They enter a closed club, an elite of online meeting, where everything is made to put in touch persons who, in spite of their financial success, meet only lovingly and search their soul mate all over the world.


Therefore don’t search inflow or numerous contacts, it is in felt steps that profiles of the members, sieved light are discovered that our criteria of selection are entered. But Seeking Millionaire can brag to have achieved the prowess of 300000 nice meetings «of high quality» worldwide these 10 last years and it, in spite of this members’ limited quantity.

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But wouldn’t it be the price of excellence there?

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