Meerkat – Video Social Network


Meerkat is really a separate app. Conceived for iPod and iPad, she allows to broadcast video contents directly on Internet. They are well far from instantaneous messaging and from distribution of photos. With Meerkat you make, direct in your contacts, live all that you film. You can finally share all your good instants with your friends.

Meerkat, spontaneous broadcasting

We are accustomed from now on to functions of freight forwarding and of cat whom give most free app for iPhone and iPad. They became part of everyday life. It is even possible, for the most complete of them, to tie files to the postponed or instantaneous messages.

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These files can beings of documents, sounds, pictures and even videos. Meerkat lets you in into another dimension, that of the broadcasting of direct videos. The streaming is called this. Once installed and started application you have only to click on the  button “stream” to broadcast all that you film on all social networks.

Functions of Meekat are unique

Meerkat social network has functionality really unique. If the addressees of your direct videos also have the programme, they are instantly informed about broadcasting. They can comment on it and even intervene on broadcasting. All those who follow your count will be real-time also notified. Your video is broadcast in direct, it will be never broadcast.

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All your videos are safeguarded in a library and your friends will be able to repeat them incredibly. Besides, all your videos will be able to be consulted on the web and you keep a complete control of the broadcasting of your contents. Only the users whom you will have allowed will be in even to view your videos live or those stocked in your library.

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