Klokkr – Find Love by Geolocation


Imagined in 2014 by Emmanuel Briffe, a lover of trip, mobile dating app Klokkr offers you of meet people around you, whatever is destination. It is available on iTunes and Android and costs 1.99€/month.

A point of meeting for globes-trotters

Because you are numerous more and more to go through the world, on long or short term, forcing was needed that somebody centres his app on this topic. Of course, Klokkr is neither the first one, nor the last to offer this service type, but she deserves however that they stop over. Idea? Link the passengers between them, that they are outside to knock about, at home, either in an inn or Airbnb.

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For those who have the bougeotte, this app makes meetings easier by allowing them to find other users who are in the same zone and of other crusaders in the course of their day. You will have understood him, Klokkr doesn’t limit itself to loving meeting but opens in any type of appointment between nomads and/or holidaymakers.

Practical functions of Klokkr dating app

Once your profile was created, define your research criteria (age, sex, etc.) then discover the passengers who seem to correspond. You can also describe activities which you want to practice to see those who share the same centres of interest.

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Klokkr gives you the possibility of establishing a geographical definite zone on the map of the world according to the place where you are. Once you targeted one or globes-trotters which seem to answer informed criteria, you can add it to your contacts then discuss it. If the common master key well, doesn’t stay more than to arrange to meet you somewhere to share an instant together!



Function “paths crossed” (“crossed ways”) is also rather interesting since she informs you as soon as you cross the way of a person corresponding to your description.

On Klokkr, you also have the possibility of introducing you to other subscribers by showing them your present and future, passed activities.

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