IceBreaker Dating App


This baby appli entirely free, but with purchases included for not necessary but additional options, has dozens reasons to adopt him to make meetings and all the others to forget.

Easy contact in 3 questions

It is the first concept of the IceBreaker app. When somebody wants to get into contact with us, he must first answer 3 questions of a quizz. 3 questions which we chose in anticipation. Ended eternal questionings as soon as a profile to us plait: «what I can say to him?», «How to approach him?». IceBreaker resolves the problems of bashfulness and helps you to break the ice.

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To register, it is possible to use his count Facebook or not. There is the choice also to pass in “discreet”, anonymous and confidential mode: no risk of falling on friends Facebook or of showing whatever it is on his wall. After traditional information to take in our profile, to download our photos, novelty, it is because they ask us to choose 3 questions among several topics (seduction, family, leisures, scamp). They will be put down to every person who would like to get into contact with you and you will be real-time informed about given answers. A play way to discover if the person interests you, or not and to decide to leak out, or to start a dialogue.

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6 good reasons not to go without it any more

The Ice Breaker dating app has several very practical options! Mode underground to continue flirting even without connection, the app synchronises from found connection. Mode radar is a system of georeferencing: you speed it up and you can realise users’ presence within 50m to return the even player app, and break the ice more easily, she also offers to exchange musics which are listened to by exchanging them directly via the chat.


For those who discover a profile who their plait but have no time to start dialogue immediately, an option allows to put profile «in the fridge», and be able to take out again it the required instant!
And for not never stayed on the floe, the penguin Nono invites in chats and restart conservation by approaching different subjects every time.

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Finally, the IceBreaker dating app has a mode of preservation of the battery, by using function Bluetooth Low Energy to remain géolocalisé without finishing lifeless portable.

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