Hot or Not Dating App


The Hot or Not dating app allows to find interesting and beautiful people in any place where you, weren’t. Walking on park, it is possible to find people who now too walk in his vicinities with ease. Simply download and establish the app, pass fast registration, and the list of the closest people, already in your device. No matter, from what you are the cities, HotorNot use millions of people worldwide. They here not only look for dating, but also communicate with already familiar users.


  • Data security
  • Functionality of a social network
  • Search in a geolocation
  • Convenient interface
  • Binding of the FB and VK profile

Hot or Not it:

  • Very simply to become part of big community of friendly and interesting people. It is enough to enter the main information on itself: name, date of birth and e-mail address. Also there is a possibility of fast registration and an entrance by means of accounts of popular social networks;
  • If in other services, stake on the expanded questionnaire, here on a photo. Opportunity to create unlimited number of photo albums and to load into them photos is available to you. After all with their help, it is possible to learn much more about the person, than from the usual questionnaire;
  • The program can be considered as a full-fledged social network. Here all are provided functions necessary for this purpose. Users can be added as a friend, they can become your admirers, give you gifts and communicate with you in a chat;
  • Do nothing and receive offers from users! Probably, it looks is unreal, but after registration of the account and filling of the questionnaire, you start being displayed in the global catalog. Therefore you will receive sympathies and messages from people who want to get acquainted with you.
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Besides all surprising opportunities which expect you during the work with service, mobile version of a Hot or Not dating app  doesn’t load work of an operating system of the device, thanks to good optimization at all. Regularly there are updatings which bring new opportunities and correct errors.


To see activity level, developers entered system of a rating for users. She considers time of your stay in online, intensity of communication, number of communications and many other things. The rating can be raised and by means of payments.

If advantages interested you, download free of charge the game Hot or Not on the Android or other popular OS. After the first use, you won’t be able to come off any more, and only you will enjoy pleasant dating and communication every day.

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