Holla Dating App


HOLLA dating app has very unusual concept. Unlike other services where it is necessary to study for hours questionnaires of persons interested to get dating, this program at once puts you face to face with other users as it is a revolutionary video chat. After easy process of registration where it isn’t necessary to form the whole reference book of personal information, it is possible to pass to real-life communication, thus you can adjust the filter for search of interlocutors.


  • Communication without restrictions
  • Swipe-listing technology
  • Stickers with a face recognition
  • Convenient interface
  • Binding to social networks


  • In spite of the fact that similar services use system of subscriptions and other paid functions, this app is completely free. The video conference isn’t limited on time;
  • To limit access for inadequate users to chats the system of responses is used. If you didn’t like any participant of a chat, you can leave a review of his unseemly behavior that will lower his rating;
  • Search of interlocutors takes place instantly. Even if you didn’t like the current interlocutor simply run a finger over the screen and receive the new;
  • The entrance to the app is carried out by means of the account or accounts on social networks;
  • At communication you have an opportunity to improve the stream video by means of filters. Add various interactive subjects and tie to the image — moustaches, hats, points and many other things.
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Instant free Hola dating app are available already to your device under control of the Android and iOS operating systems. Installation is made by means of the sites Google Play and App Store. Now it became much simpler to get dating as work with a chat doesn’t require powerful connection with the Internet. It allows to communicate and dating even in public transport, on the way to work, or even at walk in park.


The main advantage of service — opportunity will fool about using video buttles, and also video filters. Developers tried to create the friendly environment for each participant of service.

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The best way to get the strong relations — to download HOLLA a chat on the Android and the IPhone. Among all other videos of chats — this program is created to connect people for long time. Therefore more than eight million happy users use him already.

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