HIV Dating

HIV Dating

Where to meet HIV-infected person with the same HIV-positive? We have made a selection of useful Internet resources, where you can explore online through the Internet with a person with the status of “HIV+”.



hivlove is a modern HIV Dating site, search companion, companion for HIV positive people from Russia and the CIS. There is a search form on the profiles by criteria: city, gender, photo, online, purpose (friendship, correspondence, communication, relationships, family, sports, travel); sort by: order, date of last visit, registration, reputation, rating; also the forum for discussions on topical issues: anti-retroviral therapy, opportunistic hepatitis, women’s forum (pregnancy and childbirth, women’s Hobbies), men’s forum (men’s interests, men’s health), Hobbies, sports, free talk; news on new developments on HIV/AIDS, personal blogs, interest groups.


  • buggy registration;
  • part of the opportunities are paid.


mirplus international network for HIV dating. On questionnaires developed forum, where, for example, it is possible to exchange, for free or for a nominal fee of ARV-therapy, find a job, to tips on treatments, legal assistance, leisure and entertainment and much more. A lot of questionnaires: more than 100 thousand, and online is usually about 100 people. So find a friend, a friend very easily.


  • website not adapted for mobile devices;
  • international it can be called only with very big stretch;
  • outdated design;
  • poor functionality;
  • on the wall a lot of spam.


tygeza — a modern website to explore HIV-positive patients with hepatitis B and C, there is a forum chat.


  • requires too much personal information for registration;
  • captcha was not working, so impossible to register (can correct your entry).


Positive Singles 2 the huge (over 1 million members (!)) the international website for HIV Dating and other sexually transmitted diseases. There are mobile apps for Android and iPhone, chat, search (by age, disease, gender, place of residence), free consultation by email or chat, questions and answers, system of protection of privacy.


  • some, such as initiating conversation, advanced search, although the standard free membership is enough if You someone found.

See review the best HIV Dating site:

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