Hinge Dating App Review


Hinge is an dating app who wants to use the best of technology to return possible traditional meetings. How? On the basis of your circle of friends Facebook and by going back to the meetings of the friends of your friends!

Facebook in the centre of the Hinge dating app.


While going through the social Facebook network which this American appli of a new type finds in your friends’ main circle of potential meetings. By analysing your centres of interests, by regrouping your common friends, the appli promises meetings with persons who are linked indeed common with you, at least socially eloquent.

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Inscription is therefore made via its count Facebook, what validates de facto the identity of the registered member. The appli is then going to search the list of your friends, and it is there that everything is played! Friends’ lists of your friends will be also analysed to search location, according to your leisures, age, the persons who could be suitable for you. If, of course, these persons are registered on the appli Hinge, themselves what isn’t another universal fact Hinge offers you then a list of updated profiles.


You can then, as on Tinder, accept or refuse and if a “match” takes place, you get into contact.

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Concerning the confidentiality of data, and to avoid that your inscription in app is shown on your wall, don’t forget to make it confidential by opting for option «I only».

Hinge, everything leaves your friends’ circle

It is of course promising: what of better to find the soul mate than the persons who already share friends? Because Hinge asks several common friends to create a link between you and the person to meet. What, of course, reduces chances considerably but on the other hand guarantees quality meetings. Friends’ broad circle Facebook remains however to have who they – even have many friends so that the algorithm of application could find you some possibilities of meetings …

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Besides, Hinge excludes without consultation all profiles Facebook status of which goes of «It is complicated» to «In couple». No risk of meetings with persons who search only an extramarital relation. Single status is demanded.
To note also that app also wants to allow that meeting takes place in the best conditions. By offering you places of meetings or activities which could be suitable for each of both members, according to their affinity.

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