HappyCouple Dating App


An app of a new type, created to bring closer to the couples and to give them an unfailing durability! Today, the dating app is a kind of game, returning the easy couples to break in the hope of finding better! The HappyCouple dating app hopes to counter this phenomenon.

HappyCouple, an appli to discover other one

Every day, a quick questionnaire way quizz asks you to answer 5 questions – written by a psychologist – concerning your partner, then on yourselves. Your partner must do the same of course on own sound smartphone! Purpose is then to locate together, by discussing given answers, that it is direct thanks to a cat, or in real!

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The creator of the app explains that HappyCouple isn’t made «to take the place of dialogue in the couple, but on the contrary to develop him», and so to show as it is much more opportune to bet on his current partner than to search another story! Other daily smartness in the application, an idea of exit, of activity to be made for two is suggested.


Opinion polls and statistics on difference between men and women are highlit to understand that the small defects of other one aren’t ineluctable but forgivable …
Besides, trophies and no-claims bonuses are distributed according to your good answers to achieve advanced standings and to keep the desire to go farther, for two, with HappyCouple!

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A really happier couple?

Application is promising and original but it is possible to wonder if it isn’t superficial to hope to earn the happiness of his couple thanks to an appli duet, some daily questionnaires and tournaments to be achieved.
This free dating app has just been thrown in France after a silly billy-test on a sample of 20000 persons. Questions and proposals of activities are adapted to all: heteros couples or gays, age groups A questionnaire of inscription allows to avoid the subjects which make impossible activities angry or!


Of a will always player, the HappyCouple dating app is meant to be an engine to teach connaitre either to get closer, to approach subjects which they wouldn’t have discussed in «true life», or to accept small difference and to help the couples to put them into perspective.

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Fact also to play for two, to have together the will to achieve tests to pass to the advanced standing returns the app addictive: a way of not wanting to part before attaining level maximum?

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