Fruitz Dating App


Taken out early in the year on 2017, this app offers to his subscribers to meet persons with the same desires. Fruitz blends humour and present moment on an appetizing fruity bottom incredibly! The app is available on iTunes and on Android.

An app which matche the same desires

Recurrent problem in the applications of meetings, you matchez with persons who please you at first sight. Then, after some exchanged words, you then realise that this one has no same intentions as to you. He searches a serious relation, it rather a short-lived history or else a friendship In short, it is necessary to begin again and history is endless ! Without counting that it isn’t always easy to explain the reason of his presence on such platform.

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Leaving this postulate, Fruitz was therefore created with the intention of gathering profiles in common desires, allowing so to avoid misunderstanding. The app offers therefore another way of arresting meetings, more done wonders for the self-confidence and easy. Every person can express what she really wishes leaving in the basics and without losing of time with profiles which wouldn’t correspond to her. The loving meeting in the simple adventure of evening, Fruitz leaves free court at the needs of each.

In every fruit its desire

The functioning of app is relatively simple. Every fruit represents your desire of instant : the cherry for those who want to find love, grapes to meet around a glass of wine in terrace, the watermelon for ephemeral meetings and finally the peach to accomplish still not satisfied fantasies. Concept is rather play and more original!

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To begin your researches, it is enough to open Fruitz app, to choose the desire of instant to discover then which are the persons around you who share intentions. Several profiles are therefore displayed and there you hasn’t more than to pick those who correspond to you.


Fact to use fruits (they will note the reference to the defended fruit) gives a new vision of things, more cool and amusing.

Besides, instead of the banal «Hey, this goes!», Fruitz asks the users to choose each a question in which other one will have to answer before being able to read the answer of other one («you prefer stopping sex or red wine during 1 year?», «You prefer earning 1 million d’ € or have 1 chance of 2 to be 100 millions?», etc.). It allows to calm the atmosphere and to make easier the first contact.

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