DragonFruit – Geek Dating App


From the United States and thrown in 2015, here is a new directed app and this time, it is the geek community in its entirety at which one aims with DragonFruit!

Find persons with the same centres of interest

Contrary to of what some people can think, the geek world is terrifically large. Series, films, video games, games of roles, mangas: he regroups the whole heap of different domains. Starwars, Pokemon, Donjons, Walking Dead, Marvel, World of Warcraft, The lord des Anneaux, etc. Some people will meet in some more than in others.


The objective of DragonFruit is therefore to determine a particularly definite profile with orientated questions, thanks to a geek index composed of thumb-indexes of preferences. So, the users can matcher with other geek sharing the same passion and being in the same region. The fright of whites during the first appointment is therefore forgotten, here debate should go off easily with, in front of you, somebody who has centres of interest identical to yours.

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The advantages of DragonFruit

DragonFruit was constructed for geek dating. Here no plate nor of identity invented to impress other one, each can be as he wants it and to show his tastes openly. According to your world and your desires, you will be able to meet as well the soul mate, as the new friends or else the partners of games.


Mixture between Tinder and sites as Geekmemore, Lovin’ Geek, this app also introduces advantage to be entirely free while others are often paid. New functionality should fast arrive, among whom some paid, but the main rest accessible to all without paying. They appreciate so particularly the gauge allowing to establish the level of “Geekitude” of the users according to the thumb-indexes which they checked.

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DragonFruit is available on iOs and Android, but you will find her only in English at the moment. To you to see if your level allows you to follow and to be comfortable enough to use it!

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