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Over the last ten years the world market online dating grew almost six times: from 850 million dollars in 2006 to 5 billion — in the 2016th. Along with it also ideas of users of acquaintances in the Network changed. They aren’t perceived as destiny desperate any more, and the number of couples which met thanks to the Internet grows every year, as well as variety of the startups working in this sphere. The Village found out, what appendices try to compete with the leader of the market — Tinder — and on whom they are focused.

For the captious

Besides number of potential partners, users everything excites quality of base for search of partners in life more strongly. It led to emergence of the closed clubs of acquaintances.

So, moderators of the League app were already nicknamed the most captious in relation to beginners. Registration is only approved here that who managed to confirm the belonging to elite. The team checks data on education and career achievements of the user, studies his communications in LinkedIn and on Facebook, and also estimates the objects set by it and quality of the loaded pictures. It is desirable that the last were removed at professional studio. In case of refusal to the apps specify that didn’t suit administrators — whether it be surplus of photos with domestic pets that, most likely, insufficient growth testifies to shortage of friends.

Founders of HighBlood went further away. They urge to refuse political correctness and not to allow to dating services of “migrants”, “servants” and “freaks”. Moderation of questionnaires was charged to users here: for registration it is required to get approval of three of five judges in system. Alternative option — to pay 72 dollars.


— let and in less radical form — application developers from the category “only for” adhere to the similar principles. As criteria they use race, a nationality, religion, an occupation, appearance, age or a sex of users. So, the BlackPeopleMeet service is focused only on the black, ChnLove — on Chinese women, JSwipe — on Jews, and ChristianMingle — on Christians.

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In Raya accept only the representatives of creative professions who caused a stir in the portfolio in Instagram, and in UniformDating — military, police officers, nurses, stewardesses and everything who has a uniform. The Bro App are established by the men wishing to enter the “bromantichesky” relations, and in Bristlr and Spex bearded men and those who wears glasses are registered. SeniorD is positioned as a haven for pensioners.

For timid and got confused

Developers and took care of beginners in an online deytinge it is simpler to them to switch-off phone and to pretend to be the dead, than to respond to the message from the attracted stranger. Help to overcome a stupor and to understand the relations it virtual advisers.

So, the He Texted platform is focused on the girls wishing to learn how to react to the guys showing to them interest and to what can give their own behavior. Questions are answered by users here.

For men more professional Hermes is started. Clients receive three hours of communication with experts in self-development and creation of the relations for 79 dollars. Experts can ask to help to be returned former, to overcome a frendzone (desire of the girl to remain friends) or to make the questionnaire for a dating site. Also among services maintenance of correspondences in real time appears.

Founders of Ona and RelationUp propose more universal solutions. Consultants work with representatives of both floors here. They help clients to understand their preferences, to learn to flirt and be trained in online acquaintances.


Also psychologists can analyse already developed relations in which there were problems, and to prepare the program of restoration after a gap.

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For fans of experiments

Some projects try to find new approaches to the organization of the process of acquaintances, using scientific researches and business models of other services.

As one of the brightest representatives of this direction the Smell Dating platform acts. Her founders suggest to look for the second half on a smell. Decided to take part in experiment dispatch t-shirts which need to be carried for three days, without using perfume or deodorants. Then the become permeated with the smell clothes come back to organizers. They redistribute samples between participants.

In turn, the Magnet developers were inspired with the Swarm service. They try to help users to get acquainted offline, suggesting singles to chekinitsya in crowded places. If someone from attendees becomes interested in their profile, for five minutes the chat will open. During this time it is necessary to agree about a real meeting. In Blendr and Happn the geolocation also plays an important role, but here users learn with whom they were crossed during the day, already a post factum.

Founders of Spin the Bottle, on the contrary, transferred the acquaintance much from teenage age “small bottle” from offline to the Internet. With to whom she will point, the video chat is activated. After that users have 30 seconds to interest each other. That service didn’t turn into the unbridled version a chat roulette, computer sight is used: if in a shot there is no person, all picture is washed away.


For the fond

New approaches are developed and in drawing up questionnaires. As already you will surprise nobody with photo galleries and video greetings, developers need to improve text filling of profiles. For this purpose they use questionnaires.

So, users of the Sapio app are suggested to be answered 300 open questions it seems “What law you adopted, having become the governor of the world?” or “That does you happy?”. The received answers help system and potential partners to understand how the person thinks that it is interesting to him and at what level of intellectual development he is. The users who already used service note that it is a find for the sapioseksual which are sinking down on that as well as that interlocutors write.

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Similar mechanics for search of the partners suitable each other use also other applications. In Splish filling of questionnaires was turned into game. Users can publish in Mishu questions with two versions of the answer it seems “Taylor Swift or Amy Winehouse?” and “”Sex and the City” or “Girls”?”. And in Hater apply the same system to learn that it isn’t pleasant to the person. Developers refer to researches that the general antipathies speak about compatibility of partners much more identical interests.

Some services simplified to themselves a task — in them initially are registered on interests. Users can find the partners dividing their musical tastes in Tastebuds. Trump Singles and Bernie Singles unite fans of the new U.S. President Donald Trump and Berney Sanders standing from democrats, and in BetterTogether the supporters of preservation of Great Britain as a part of the EU opposing Brexit communicate.

The MingleNerds app is designed for the geeks who are fond of modern technologies, an anime and comics. LFGDating suggests gamers to find party for hunting for Pokemons or covers of backs in military fight. And in Meetmindful welcome adherents of conscious life whom the yoga, diets, meditation, volunteering and ecology interests.


For the same to whom communication on interests is more important than real meetings, “Antichat” works. In him users anonymously pump over the avatars, participating in thematic conversations.

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