Clover Dating App


Clover? Another dating apps? Another clone of Tinder you will say to me! Yes, from Tinder, from Badoo, but with many additional functionality which makes that this dating app alloys simplicity of use, speed of execution but also power in performed researches and allows a control maximum!

A clover in 4 leaves

To put all chances in your meetings, Clover is based on the functionality which made the success of Tinder. Afterwards you are easily registered by using your profile Facebook, the appli offers you a parade of photos of the close members from your home by using the georeferencing. Also, to you have possibility of left “Swiper” (I like not), or right “Swiper” (Hi!). But where Clover goes farther, it is that the appli leaves you the possibility of recording a profile to return there later! Finished the quickly surplus, the zapping surplus, the impression of having to choose in some seconds! By having leisure to put back its decision and to examine a profile by taking time, would they come back to less artificial meetings?

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Also, a chance furthermore to make nice meetings is given to you with option allowing to see who liked your profile (even without reciprocity). You can then see your decision again and start debate nonetheless!

A promising debut

Even if the appli still has no inflow of other more known systems, they cross there persons who indeed search to make friendly, loving meetings or of evening (the choice is moreover allowed to you!). She is free in downloading and 7 trial days any options are given to you as to share photos, music and videos.

To have access to all functionality (as the possibility of being possible get into contact with persons still you “Without liker” or to achieve additional research filters), you have the choice between several subscriptions or the purchase of tokens to achieve no-claims bonuses.

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Finally, it is necessary to appreciate the fact that in spite of inscription via Facebook, the Clover dating app is much more reassured and allows to deactivate the georeferencing, to control who can have access (or not) in your profile and in your photos, but also to choose contacts only among a predefined age group.

Clover is available on Android and iOs (compatible AppleWatch). It is really an application of very complete meeting, one of the quickest to be taken in hand and especially that offers meetings really directed some your aspirations are!

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