Chinese Dating Apps


In the modern world where people are pasted to the mobile phones, it is seldom possible to meet the eyes of the high beautiful stranger in the subway or to get acquainted with the charming young lady in line for coffee in Starbucks, all hurry, all a lack of time somewhere, all are occupied. However employment doesn’t cancel desire to satisfy basic requirements, whether it be physical, for one night, or spiritual, to find the one and only so far the prostate cancer won’t separate you. We offer you the list of apps which will help to find your soulmate with any expiration date.


Mad night, lonely breakfast


You remember how mother spoke: “Don’t talk to strangers”? Yes, forget this council, as well as a lot of things from this that the people born behind the Iron Curtain speak. With Momo you are connected to casual people nearby, and then you start chatting in private and/or in groups. Most of users of Momo look for the relations for an hour, maybe it is more, maybe it is less, at all as it is known differently, that is this app for a sex.


Modern marriage market


Why to spend days off for walk in National park of Shanghai where matchmakers when Baihe can download simply still gather? After you downloaded the app, it will ask you to load the certificate on leaving school together with the certificate, the estimates, the better are higher, the three on physics isn’t counted. But it only the beginning, proofs of will also be necessary for you that you have a property and the car. All these requirements complicate registration to foreigners therefore if only you don’t intend to look for the husband in the Chinese social networks, it is better to forget this Chinese dating app.

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Chinese Dating Apps

Qing Chi Fan

The gourmet of a guraman sees from far away


They say that the way to heart of the man lies through his stomach. Qing Chi Fan that in translation from Chinese means “please, eat” it is developed especially for those who looks for the partner for a dinner. To begin process, you need to specify, what restaurants are interesting to you, and kitchens which you would like to try. Then the app will offer you those who divides your culinary addictions, however there is no big hope that these fans of the Indian curry will invite you to a normal dinner.

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Fans of animals, come forward now!


You sometime went out on dates which were completely destroyed because you the fan of dogs, and your the vis-a-vis adores cats, and them at her already fifteen? With this Chinese dating app you more will never face such problem, after all on Ava you will have a photo with your pet, the speaking photo will attract the one who loves the Mexican yadozub also strongly, as well as you.


For LGBT of community


In the world’s largest dating app of LGBT there aren’t a lot of foreigners, also don’t expect to see a lot of selfa where the attractive face, usually it always from a neck and down but why isn’t present, probably would be visible, you recognize the future partner in a torso.



Chinese Dating Apps

If you in search of with whom it would be possible to go to the cinema for the handle or for lunch in Wagas, Grindr not for you. It is best of all to minimize the expectations where there is no end to infinite profiles of guys, inclined to exhibitionism. You don’t need VPN for this app, but be ready to sift a significant amount of semi-racist profiles to find someone at least for coffee in McDonald’s.

The L

Didn’t forget about lesbians


The lesbian Blued version founded in 2012 — the first Chinese dating app intended only for women who love other women. However you need to refresh Chinese, as this app meanwhile have not English version.

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It is necessary to represent?


Chinese Dating Apps

Tinder really began as a place for hunting behind nothing binding koitus, but today more and more people use these applications to find that only love about which sing sweet songs and shoot false movies. In Tinder will be many fresh foreigners and Chinese who are in search, whether it be running on 100 meters or marathon distance.

Tan Tan


The Chinese analog of Tinder, the same, only added function where the first phrase to strike up conversation, for you was already thought up by the computer, you should choose only what to you I attracted more for each specific user, well, or dispatch the same compliments, what actually a difference.

Xin Dong

In total for students


Xin Dong — the Chinese dating app is intended for students of universities. If all of you at university, this appendix considerably facilitates search of other young adherents. One shortcoming: probably founders decided to control distribution of venereal diseases among youth therefore users can receive only two acquaintances in day.

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