Best Lesbian Dating Apps


In general, meetings aren’t easy for all. And if you fall in the category LGBT, it is even more difficult. The apps of traditional meetings or dating sites are popular and more conceived for the hétéros persons. But, now, things changed and became more accessible. There are some lesbion dating apps especially conceived for them.

There are apps of popular dating, but they are overcrowded and very not optimised in LGBT. We shared gay apps, but today, we are going to share the best lesbian apps.


A lot of apps answer the community LGBT specifically. But, there will always be applications of meetings as tinder because they have a nice database users.

These apps are introduced according to our personal experience and suggested by our public. None of listed apps is backed. Therefore, without waiting more, let’s approach our subject directly, that is to say:

Better lesbian dating apps Style Note
Her L 8/10
Bumble H-LG 7/10
Fem L 7/10
Weeple LGBT 8/10
Okcupid H-LG 7/10
Tinder H-LG 7/10

1. HER

Her is an ideal place to make gay friends and to live on experiments about which you always dreamt. Her is an app conceived for the women LGBT, by the women LGBT. Contrary to most sites, she has a big database of the community LGBT, and it is completely free!

She resolves another big problem, if you used apps of free meetings to flirt, you have pointed out surement that many guys create wrong profiles by pretending to be a girl. Then, how Her resolves this problem?

She needs to be connected to your count Facebook to be able to create a profile on HER. It allows to HER to filter the persons who don’t belong to the category of LGTBT.


As other apps, you can download pictures and give your biography with information on you as well as. You can also put on in stage or add friends. You will be able also to read articles relating to the lesbians.

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In conclusion, if you search the best lesbian dating app, then HER would be well the best choice (from now on). On top of that, you will be able to use meetings LGBT, holidays and festivaux who takes place near you, published and organised by their community.


Bumble is one of our favorite lesbian dating apps. The app isn’t especially conceived for the persons of the same sex, but there are options as “Interest” who can return the app more specific for the lesbians. Bumble has an unique concept which differentiates him of conventional dating sites (here is how).


On bumble, the women have to make the first step. Therefore, you can’t start debate if you are a guy. On the contrary, for the homosexuals, the one or the other person can make the first step. If the woman doesn’t make the first step in 24 hours, meeting disappears, and it is the same thing for the homosexuals.

Function Match gives you one time a day men’s selection whom research engines consider interesting for you. Application allows to see men who are most “Woofés” or a liké as you would like. From now on, the app offers us from the home page the nicest guys.

3. FEM

FEM is a free app of video meetings for the lesbians and the bisexual; it is a very good app to make new friends, to discuss, to meet single men, to sociabiliser in the rooms of debate, dates and more still. You can go through the videos of the lesbian women nearby and across the world.

As other apps, a mutual affinity between woman is needed to be able to discuss. There is an available innovative option for the cat of group, and we saw it on no other application.

If you love a person of the group of chat, you can click on her picture of profile. It will re-run you to his profile where you will be able to see his picture of profile, its biography and other elements. On the other hand, if you don’t love a person, you can make her dumb in your cat of group, it is also simple as this.

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You can send your messages behind closed doors. You will be able to send messages in form of texts, of videos and of audios. FEM is rather new on the market, but harvested a very good note on Google Play Store.

Disadvantage is that this app doesn’t dispose users of a big database (at the moment); as a result, you won’t perhaps be able to see women around you. Besides, this app is new, therefore we recommend you not to opt for a paid subscription.


Weeple is an dating app purely intended in LGBT. It works as Tinder except that you will see only authentic profiles since you are obliged to create GIF of you in inscription. Who is all the more very FUN!

Weeple offers an interface really intuitive, nice and easy to be used. Everything quickly goes and some profiles are really kidding around. They have a good time and it is a new feeling in comparison with other applications of meetings.


Weeple is really intended for lgbt, if you are a lesbian, that lesbian women will be offered to you. And this also, it is a saving of time.

This app is completely free, fact to receive a notification as soon as a person to us in liker is really cool, they go back to it right away and it is completely productive addict.


OKCUPID is another very good lesbian app. This app is very popular because competitive algorithm returns very intuitive application. The appli offers a lot of options of personalization. OKCUPID suggests 12 sexual orientations and more than 20 markers of style to be chosen. Therefore, independently of whom you are and of what you want, OKCUPID wants to know everything about you.

OKCUPID asks you group of questions which allow you to see the percentage of match with a person. It could not be a good blow, but if you have a nice compatibility, things should run easy (that is you search a friend, or a date).

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OKCUPID gives you the possibility of finding persons according to ethnic origin, to site, of age, size, religion, tobacco addiction, alcohol, consumption of drug, etc. To be free, you will be able to send limitless messages. The best part of OKCUPID is that there is an option of filter for the group LGBT.


Applications above were solutions of spare in Tinder, but it would have been damage not to introduce Tinder in our list. Tinder is widely popular and it is obvious that mentioned is needed this dating app.

Initially, Tinder was a remarkable place for the persons hétéro. But, with the increase of their popularity and of a base users colossal, Tinder became a big bi dating app.


Tinder has a very fluid interface and probably a best interface. You make slide towards right (to show interest) and make slide towards the left (if you aren’t interested). You can find many homosexual girls, but many apparaitrons guys in the results of match (unfortunately).

The problem with Tinder is that it is overcrowded and that the girls begin hardly dialogue and never make the first step. Therefore, if it is one of the reasons for which you left Tinder, we recommend you to download app that we shared above (it will have a big impact on your new meetings, you will gain time)

In conclusion

These are our best suggestions of lesbian dating app. Any application is paid, our opinions are based on our personal experience and research on Internet. If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Another thing, keep Tinder on your motive, but continue testing other apps. This article is and will always be updated with the last information. If we find better apps, we will list them surely.

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