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Tinder — the indisputable world leader among applications for acquaintances, but in some markets users give preference to local products. This tendency is well traced in Asia.

The expert in the foreign mobile markets explains, than the Asian markets of dating apps differ from the others.

Tinder — the indisputable world leader among apps for dating, but in some markets users give preference to local products. This tendency is well traced in Asia.

For example, the South Korean Amanda, NoonDate and I-UM apps not only are included into a top of loadings, but also are the main generators of profit of local App Store and Google Play. Progress of the Japanese Pairs apps, the Chinese Momo and Singapore Paktor are caused by focus on local tastes and preferences.

Below we will consider the most widespread Asian appendices and the reasons of their popularity.

South Korea

South Korean dating apps are focused first of all on an exclusivity and anonymity. One of the most popular app in South Korea — Amanda — attracts users with the status: registration is possible only after approval from the current users. Similar selectivity forces people to prove that they are worthy to enter this closed club.

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Also new users specify the preferences, and the app recommends them people with similar interests and those who highly appreciated them. To look who from users put 5 stars, it is necessary to pay therefore Amanda enters a top of the most profitable appendices in South Korea:


Other popular apps of NoonDate, I-UM and You and I are focused on providing limited access. NoonDate recommends two users within the chosen geolocation once a day, I-UM — twice a day. You and I allows to see 16 questionnaires and to choose among them one. Restrictions on viewing also make the main profit for apps.

For these apps high degree of anonymity is characteristic. For example, Amanda doesn’t show the questionnaire to dating from the telephone directory of the user, and registration in I-UM requires long process of verification.

It should be noted that, despite popularity, dating apps aren’t welcomed by the Korean culture.


Services for dating in Japan are widespread since the beginning of the 2000th. Over time publishers began to do more various and functional apps to remain with the user also throughout the relations.

For example, at Pairs — one of the most popular apps in the country — the interface a little than differs from Tinder, but users can look for potential partners by means of filters in interests and a hobby.

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The Couples app from the same publisher of Eureka helps to plan meetings and to write down the memorable moments. By means of these two Eureka apps seeks to keep users even after they found to themselves couple.

The publisher of Recruit Holdings went on other way: they expanded the known wedding Zexy portal to Zexy Koimusubi dating service (Koimusubi in Japanese means love-matching). His interface differs in nothing from other Japan dating apps, but the apps is popular thanks to widely known Zexy brand.


Momo since 2011 takes top positions among dating apps in China. Besides a geolocation, the app has some unique features for involvement of users, among which purchase of stickers from an emodzha and the organization offline – meetings. Recently the appendix connected possibility of a striming of video which gains popularity in Asia. At the same time I appeared a rating and the audience, and streamers.


One more noticeable apps from China TanTan with the same mechanics of a svayp as at Tinder, enjoys popularity among audience till 30 years. With number of users more than 2.5 million TanTan enter in top-10 apps and is absolutely free: the publisher attracted users due to sponsorship of reality shows, popular on television.

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Some apps have success not only in the local market, but also on next, for example, the Singapore Paktor: the platform is popular not only in Singapore, but also in Taiwan.

The account becomes attached to Facebook and is activated in the presence of not less than 50 friends on a social network. The app works on a Freemium model, however without payment a premium account its functionality is very limited. A premium users virtual gifts can send messages also, look for the partner in filters, look through all who estimated their photos, and to range photos in popularity.

As well as the Chinese Momo, Paktor is concentrated not on romantic dating, and on communication. This strategy perfectly is suitable for Asia where casual dating aren’t popular.


In summary it is possible to tell that at a conclusion of the apps to the Asian market developers should pay special attention to adaptation under preferences and culture of dating.

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