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Whether it is in true loving meeting or plan lighter flirting mobile app don’t miss. All offer more or less the same thing. Align however held our attention thanks to an original concept: the recognition of the astrological sign of the registered student (and registering). I am a curious man, without taboos (and single man) also I felt like trying!

Astrological compatibility, argument of dredges unstoppable

It is mad the number of girls who grant importance in astrological signs. Before trying this app I would have never thought that my astrological sign could be something important for the girls whom I felt like meeting. Especially what is interesting with this method of match it is that he doesn’t any more need there to invent of tastes common with the girl whom they want to meet (or swindle) in true life.

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It isn’t either necessary to correspond physically to its waitings. The site just just has to point out a good astrological compatibility and they leave with a very good length beforehand. Then, of course, sometimes a girl cannon on the site is spotted and they patatras signs isn’t compatible! I feel like saying, tampis, no chance, let’s agree to pass to other one. Unless, of course, to be you twists and have enough time and motivation to change your astrological profile. But I don’t recommend it because it is of cheats her! And it cheats her, is very badly small scamps.

Too many daughters naive or bluntly blocked!

So much to say it frankly, the trip it is great, this is going well to walk between us because our astrological signs are compatible, I find it difficult a bit to believe in it. To be completely frank I believe even in no way in it. On Align it is sure that meetings are easily made and that when the app declared you astrologiquement compatible with a girl it really makes task easier. For me it became there almost too easy.

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And I must confess that I was rather well of benefit it, at the beginning, for easy simple plans on which I wouldn’t have had access without Align dating app because I am far from being Apollon and I really don’t have Tchache. But disadvantage it is because girl is nevertheless thrown on one a bit simple and very naive. Therefore I would recommend this application rather as a supplement to one other more classical.

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