Russian roulette for dating lovers and friendly sex without commitment. If you do not have time or do not have enough skills to hunt for the second half, this application will significantly reduce your energy costs. His main idea sounds like this: why look for partners for sex or dating, if you can do this with friends. All you need to do is mark the people you like from your friends list and Facebook friends. If their choice also falls on you, you will simultaneously receive a notice of this. And then it all depends on you two. The only catch is that in our country this application is currently used only by the most desperate units, so the choice of potential victims is greatly reduced, and all your actions are automatically transferred to the category of profitable investments in the future.



  •  PROS

Even if you mark all friends, only those who have expressed similar sympathy to you will know about it.

In addition to their friends, here you can evaluate their friends, which, according to the developers, is even better, and also safer.

In each profile you can see detailed information, including additional photos and mutual friends.

Daily Picks feature offers a choice of three random friends of your friends daily.

  • CONS

Android users complain about the lack of a Russian-language interface.

Down does not allow you to search for specific people – in order to find a certain person and leave your mark on it, you will have to really try.


In order to find a mate, even for a short time, in the modern world of gadgets and applications it is not necessary to hunt for prey in a bar or library in the old fashioned way for hours. It is enough to run Tinder, which, without unnecessary talk, will indicate all the nearest applicants set up for acquaintance. The most important thing is that you don’t have to do almost anything to do this, just go through Facebook and specify the search parameters (age, gender, distance to the object) – after that, the application will start scanning the nearest territory. If successful, you will be left to slip on the proposed options, fastidiously curving lips.



  •  PROS

This is the easiest dating application to use: you don’t need to enter any personal data or upload photos, as it will do everything for you with Facebook.

In the profiles of your applicants are displayed your common interests and friends (you will have a lot of them), as well as a few photos.

Unlike other similar applications, many people use Tinder, so there’s definitely no shortage of options.

  • CONS

Despite the anonymity promised by the developers, when synchronizing with Facebook, Tinder still has the danger of reporting data that could reveal your identity. Therefore, after registering, first edit your profile.

Rejected profiles can not be revised, as well as approved can not be canceled.


An apps that completely eliminates the need to develop any germs of communication skills. This is a great chance to improve your social life. By choosing your preferred pastime or seeing who wants to do something near you, you will find yourself a company in no more than one hour, during which your application will be valid. On the other hand, yep! can be a good tool for maniacs and other perverts, so be careful.



  •  PROS

Yep! meeting-oriented here and now, so all applications are valid for no longer than an hour.

This application, unlike Pure, does not position itself as a tool for searching for romantic connections – it is just a convenient way to find interlocutors and a company for decent activities.

The application is fully open – anyone can find out almost everything about you. This will help not to be in a cafe with strange personalities.

Local chat works for a limited time – it is not possible to raise the correspondence of a week ago, since the chat is intended exclusively for meeting negotiations.

The developers promise that the application will remain free until the end of this year.

  • CONS

There is no opportunity to rank applications by gender.

You can not delete your photos from the profile.

   WouldLove 2

This apps works on the same principle as Down: if two people on Facebook have an eye on each other, then they receive a notification. True, unlike a competitor, Would Love 2 stakes on regular dates. However, no one will blame you if the finale of a romantic meeting with roses and waltz turns out to be even more interesting than the scenes from the movie “Nymphomaniac”.



  •  PROS

Unlike Down, in this application can find a couple not only heterosexuals.

  • CONS

When you first start the application is catastrophically long loaded – during this time you can go and schedule a date in the usual way. And on the iPhone, the application may hang forever altogether – even reinstallation will not help.


If, after numerous romantic dates, your balance went into a minus position, you can quickly correct the situation with the help of meetings of a different nature. JustLunch allows you to find a bunch of useful business acquaintances in a few minutes and transfer them to reality. To do this, you just need to create a meeting and describe its purpose – potential investors and business partners who are nearby will immediately reach out to you.



  •  PROS

Suggestions for meetings for sex and other pleasures, the developers promise to mercilessly delete. Although in fact there is no problem to find a company even for a Thai massage.

When searching for business people in the vicinity, you can see their places of work.

  • CONS

It is problematic to find a specific place in the application, so the best way is to create a meeting using your current geo-location.

The lack of decent moderation gives online hooligans the opportunity to create meetings of such a delusional nature that JustLunch sometimes wants to be burned at the stake.


The ideal dating app that is focused on finding sexual partners and does not require any efforts from its owners, except for a couple of clicks. To find your destiny for one night, you just need to drive in your gender, indicate the gender of your potential counterpart, upload at least one photo, write a few words about yourself and wait no more than an hour. Your application for acquaintance will be valid only during this time, and the pair will be searched within a radius of 50 kilometers from you.

When you find someone to your liking, it will be possible to mark a person as you like or ask for additional photos. After receiving mutual consent in the chat it will be possible to discuss the details. But, as you understand, in our country there is always the danger of fraud and deception, so in no case do not make an appointment if you are not completely sure of the person, or at least hold it in a public place.



  •  PROS

To start a hunt for a partner, you do not need to create an account or enter through social networks.

In case of several failures, a person is blocked by the service forever, and with a positive outcome, his rating, on the contrary, increases.

There is no place for meaningless conversations – you either accept the challenge, or remain alone in the night with yourself.

The location of your potential pair is accurately indicated on the map as a red circle, but for safety reasons, its radius increases.

Pure does not store any profiles and correspondence – after an hour all traces of your presence are completely removed.

  •    CONS

Unfortunately, in most profiles there are no imputed photos – you can see something else only in the case of a positive response to your request for additional pictures.

Since for our country this is a new and unusual experience, there are many fake pictures in the application. But in this case the function of a confidential complaint is provided.

Be warned: you get a seat on the app – even if you are not planning any sexual relationships right now, you will always be interested to find out who is engaged in such a search nearby. Suddenly it’s your boss!
In order to achieve the desired for sure, we advise you to hunt in the center of New-York.


The most typical representative of the class of applications for dating, characterized by meticulousness and meditativeness. If you do not plan to break for an urgent date within an hour, but want to explore all the possibilities in more detail, then this is your choice. With the help of Lovetime, you can pick up almost an ideal pair for yourself – thanks to a large number of filters, you can spend hours designing the desired option, and then look at those who fit this template.

In fact, it all looks like this: after adding minimal information about yourself and your counterpart, applicants are displayed on the screen, and you press a heart or a cross, scroll further and wait for positive matches. Actually, the application does not even push you to any specific actions – the very process of building your ideal half can already bring satisfaction to the majority of users.



  •  PROS

In addition to basic information about yourself and your desired partner, here you can specify a bunch of additional items like weight, orientation, bad habits, and so on.

The main page has two options for visualization: you can display either one photo of your potential partner on the entire screen, or a tile with different avatars.

The application has a function of gifts, however, for this you need to buy or earn coins.

  • CONS

Most of the Lovetime functionality is available only for money – after registration it becomes immediately clear that the application as a whole exists solely for the sake of monetization, and not for your convenience, such as, for example, Pure.

The most interesting thing is that without VIP activation you won’t see who got interested in your profile, despite the fact that the total number of likes will be displayed in your Toolbar.

VIP-status, which opens access to virtually all the main functions of the application, costs 100 coins per month, that is 6 USD.