6 Alternative Dating Apps


Again alone on the St. Valentine’s Day, and in Tinder all persons are already familiar? Not time to long! We suggest to correct a situation with the help of other apps.



Service for bearded men and those girls who dream to get acquainted with them. The appendix at once asks, whether there is at you a beard. Without her the entrance is prohibited to men. For the rest the appendix is similar to Tinder — you thumb through a photo and you choose those who is pleasant. If your tastes coincide, you will be able to communicate in a chat. And already then to solve, whether you want to go for appointment. Good news — the free app.

To download the version for Android and iOS.


6 Alternative Dating Apps

You can’t live without music, colleagues and friends don’t remember when saw you without earphones? Tastebuds will help you to find that or that with whom you divide them. The app analyzes your musical tastes on the basis of information from Facebook and offers you those users with whom addictions coincide. It is possible to listen to favourite music of other users at once in the app. The attention, Tastebuds is available only to adherents of “apple”.

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To download the version for iOS.



Sapioseksuala — those people who in others most of all are attracted by the developed intelligence. Especially for them created the Sapio application a year ago. If Tinder seems to you a superficial toy, to you here. To begin search of couple in Sapio, it is necessary for you is developed to answer 300 questions. From “Than you are proud?” to “If you were the Supreme governor of the world, what laws you would adopt?”. Serious approach. If you are patient and nevertheless answered 300 questions, to you will pick up options, based on type of the personality, I.Q. and personal preferences. You will be able to choose those who was pleasant, the same as in Tinder.

We don’t know, whether you will meet love of all life, but you will precisely find the interesting interlocutor. So far it isn’t enough people in the app, but we are sure that it has all ahead. Because smart is the new sexy.

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To download the version for Android and iOS.



This app is now more popular than Tinder though works by the same principle. By the way, unlike Tinder, Badoo have a desktop version. One more plus — opportunity to start a video chat with with whom you already corresponded. The knowing people say that the success in Badoo depends on a geolocation. If you live in the megalopolis, but sex for one night isn’t interesting to you, it is better not to look for couple in the downtown — there many tourists, which long relations to anything.
The app works in 190 countries.

To download the version for Android and iOS.



In February of last year the comedian Brendan Alper started, perhaps, the most unusual application for acquaintances. Hater unites people because of hatred. Users show the attitude to “stars”, the phenomena and occupations by means of a svayp. Feels sick from a semolina with lumps, the leopard print irritates, you hate idling? Find same — and there will be to you a happiness! The appendix suggests to get acquainted with those who is near you.

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To download the version for Android and iOS.



Feature of Happn that the appendix suggests you to get acquainted only with with whom your ways were already crossed — you at the same time were in one supermarket, movie theater or simply met on the street (in a radius of 250 m). It was pleasant the barista from a coffee house where you have breakfast, or the guy on jog? For such cases also created Happn. The appendix fixes, how many times you met the person and where you appeared together last time. Founders emphasize that Happn saves your time — it isn’t necessary to complete a profile and to look for common interests, simply look on the parties and log into the app.

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