What is Sex?


The questions concerning the sexual relations arise at all children and it is absolutely normal. A task of parents – to give answers to them in an available form. And it is necessary to begin sexual education at early age. After all, without having received the interesting information of the house, the child will look for it in other sources. As a result it doesn’t guarantee that data will be true. Therefore parents need to think over in advance how to answer the child that such sex.

Acquaintance to the body


Sexual education should be begun still when kids with interest study the body. Approximately in 2 years the baby notices at herself a genital and often considers it, touches. It is absolutely healthy reaction. Parents during this period have to adhere to the following councils:

  • not to abuse the kid that he often considers the genitals;
  • not to inspire in the baby at all that this interest has to cause shame;
  • during bathing to acquaint the kid with parts of a body, including with a genital;
  • not to pay special attention to this subject, but also not to avoid it.
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It will allow to teach children to perceive the body, as a unit. Besides such conversations will allow to establish more confidential relations in a family.

How to tell the child, what is sex?


Usually preschool children most of all are interested in a question of that, children from where undertake. Kids of such age aren’t interested in a subject of physical proximity. They simply need answers about emergence them on light. It is impossible to speak about cabbage or a stork. The child all the same learns the answer, and parents will be caught in a lie. The answer has to be honest and the closest to reality, but in conversation with such small children, it is possible not to go into details and not to focus attention on many details.

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At children is more senior already there are questions which concern directly sexual intercourse. Both mother, and the father have to take part in such talk. Usually such conversations take place in some stages. Before explaining to the child that such sex, parents have to be sure that will be able well and fully to inform necessary information. If in this respect there are doubts, not superfluous will be to study special literature on sexual education.


If the child asked that such sex, in conversation it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • to make an explanation that such sexual intercourse;
  • to tell about periods, an erection;
  • to lead discussion about need of personal hygiene;
  • to explain, what changes happen to a body during puberty;
  • to warn against undesirable pregnancy, venereal diseases, perverts;
  • to tell about contraceptives.

It is impossible to concentrate attention of children on any negative moments connected with sexual life. It will allow to create negative attitude to sex that conducts to psychological problems at the child.

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All these questions have to be discussed in a quiet situation. It is impossible to abuse or punish children that they lift intimate subjects and are interested in them. Also it is impossible to allow that this talk was boring and tightened, it isn’t necessary to try to ask questions, checking the acquired knowledge. All this becomes the reason of unwillingness of children to communicate on such subjects with parents. If conversations are confidential, the child and in other situations without doubts will come behind council to a family.

For children answers to questions that such sex, are very important. Receiving information from doubtful sources, at children wrong idea of sexual life is formed. Early sexual life, both undesirable pregnancy, and other problems can be result of it also.

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