Obviously, Yes? In fact, if you’ve never nerd dating, you have no idea, how clever can be a man. But it does not matter. The important thing is, that the higher male intelligence, more varied and more enjoyable will be your sex life. It’s scientifically proven. They, of course, all botany, but in this case not playing hard to get. It’s true.



You can talk to him

Oh God, Yes, Yes, Yes! It will not be “Hmmmm, yeah…yeah” in response to your questions, and thoroughly and deployed to answer them. He will not fall into a stupor, as if to say, “Honey, I’m bored, tell me something, huh?” Imagine the situation: three in the morning, you can’t sleep and you know, that now is the time to learn something about colonial expansion of the Habsburg monarchy. Your Wikipedia” — talking. And yet she is alive, warm and a hugger, you retelling the dispute about the status of North Borneo.

Jealousy is not your story

You won’t be jealous of my sweet, because I understand perfectly, what is the chance to give you horns, in fact. First, he needs to meet some other girl, and he doesn’t know how to do it. And if any lady she wants to meet him, she at least will have to step over your corpse. Because the nerd work, and in transport reads. But in all other places it does not appear without you. In fact, he appears only in case, if you want to help out.


He is not spoiled

Women’s attention in the first place. This means, that your attention he will appreciate. In Generalthe”nerd” — a great chance to feel like a goddess, who descended to a mere mortal. Perfectlyright? You can do nothing and get plus 100 points to vanity.

He has a sense of humor

Not something, about which got Drunk once Vasily Ivanovich in the insole, and Petya to him and says…” and really thin feeling. Watched the big Bang Theory”? If not — you must. Just don’t drink tea, if you watch TV shows from the laptop keyboard will flood.

He has great friends

These cute geeks come to visit you, grandly sit on the edge of the sofa and midnight are having conversations about science. Four hours of drinking a single beer bottle. At these gatherings you could get your grandmother to show to her, how she was wrong, when he said Youth is not the same, one nonsense you have in mind!”. However, there is a chance, that my grandmother will fall asleep from boredom in the fifth minute of the party.


It will be nothing of you to demand

Nothing at all. In his value system there is no column a woman needs”, because nerd, in fact,does not live in society, and in some parallel universe. Society, perhaps, and would like something for him to impose, but it’s pretty hard to do, considering the fact, that botany is most of the time ignored reality. So you can live, as you comfortably. The main thing — time to announce botany,the paradigm is shifting. Well, if you decide to have a couple of new people nerds, for example.

Genes finger crush!

Yes, by the way, about brand-new nerd: scientists have proved, that intellectual ability is inherited. So, if you want intelligent children, it is best to give birth to them from nerd. Besides nerds come from great fathers. Enough to send a child to a nerd with the question Dad, why is the sky blue?” and you can safely go to Friday’s shopping with friends. I’ll come back and nerd just finish answering the question. Maybe.