How to have sex?


Men by the nature want to receive wished as fast as possible. Especially it concerns relationship with girls. One want to minimize expenses, others pursue sports interest. How it is correct to carry out appointment to receive sex? You will be able to receive a practical advice from this article.

Call a girl

For a start conversation should set a positive background. For example, if she was in an interesting undershirt at the time of phone capture, it is possible to ask her about that, how is her t-shirt. It will help the girl to return former emotions to memories.


Try to be more original. It isn’t necessary to ask how her affairs or mood. It will make you too banal and predictable. Try to show emotions, but be not overzealous. Surely express the opinion and you give examples from life.

But it isn’t necessary to tighten conversation strongly. Especially, if you were already pleasant girls. She from you will wait for the offer to meet. Thus, if your acquaintance was greased and short, it is possible to communicate about each other and after that already to make a final decision on appointment. Time and efforts it will be required more. If everything is good, safely propose marriage about a meeting.

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About emotions

It is impossible to refuse and prove to be completely from them the too serious. Many often ask, on what appointment it is possible to invite the girl home. Here everything depends on your emotional sheaf. It is formed with the help:

  • creations of a friendly situation;
  • not rough jokes;
  • trust, it is necessary to pledge the word to the interlocutor;
  • verbal contact (don’t forget that it is necessary to touch the girl from time to time).

If you take these advices, you will be able to achieve sex as fast as possible. It was necessary only to understand one.


If you want to retire after appointment, it is desirable to visit more than one place. Thus the girl will have a feeling that passed already some appointments. As a result the trust will increase. It is extremely important to think over the plan of joint pastime beforehand. If it is some boring places, it will be even minus. Remember that the road from one place to another shouldn’t take a lot of time. Then appointment will be tiresome.

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How it is correct to invite the girl to himself home?


For a start it is necessary to plan everything competently. Invite the girl in any institution. For example, in cafe. Only it has to settle down near your house. After that suggest to come to you, motivating it with that all of you equally are nearby. Or tell that you need to take any thing. It is important that it didn’t look so as if you wear out the girl to yourself to the apartment.

It is possible to pick up an occasion. For example, if you the photographer, tell that you can show the collection of beautiful pictures. At an early stage it is necessary to reveal common interests and to try to use the received information.

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If she refused, on it there can be three main reasons. The first of them — she strongly hurries and she simply has no time for coming to you. The second — at her is “these” days. The third reason consists in you. It is possible that you somewhere showed uncertainty or were insufficiently emotional. For example, I kept silent where it was necessary to answer, I tried “to squeeze out” from myself a couple of words.


If to use these rules, it is possible to maximize the chance of success. Purely on verbal signs it is possible to understand, whether the girl with you or not directly on appointment wants to retire. To become the good temper, it is possible to visit training on which to you will demonstrate practical skills.

If you want to carry out appointments as the real temper, and with guarantee to receive sex at the end of each of them, with pleasure I invite you to my training on appointments.

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