First Date Rules

  1. Compliments. Always compliment your date at some point during the first date. Something simple like “you have really pretty eyes” can really flatter your date. But it’s not a compliment when it’s “you have really pretty eyes.” “Oh thank you! So do you.” This absolutely does not count. It’s more of an off hand compliment that you really didn’t put any effort/thought into.

  2. If you asked the woman on the date then you pay for the date. first_date

  3. Nothing’s worse than being asked out by a cute girl then expected to pay for the whole thing. As if it’s an honor that you should be graced with their presence.

  4. If you split the bill then you’re just friends, end of story. If you find yourself stuck in #2’s situation then split the bill. Splitting the bill is either for bad dates or ‘I think we’re better off just as friends’.

  5. If you’re going to drink or get high with a woman on the first date, make sure you know your limit. Nothing’s more embarrassing than messing up on the first kiss because you were too high to function. Insert ‘because I got high’ song reference

  6. If a woman takes you out on a date (she set up/asked you out on a date) make sure to text her afterwards saying that you had good time. This solidifies that you are interested in her and it also gives her confidence that you indeed had a good time. But do not do this if the date did not go well. Don’t feel guilted into having to text them saying you had a good time – be honest!

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Feel free to add your own comment. These are some of the things I myself have experienced while I was dating women.

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