First date ideas

first date ideas

First date — always an exciting and anxious time. But where to go and how to spend it, so that there’s plenty of experience.

Imagine that before the first date guy says he’ll go with you wherever you want. Great, you main and can choose for herself. However, too many options, and want that everything was perfect.

For extreme lovers

for extremals

If you met on the forum climbing or jumping with a parachute, then why not do extreme sports together? First, there is the opportunity to show off achievements. Second, a familiar atmosphere promises quick liberation. Third, the sport helps you check for physical compatibility.

For intellectuals

for intellectual

With the help of friends organize a quest game in town for the two of you. Trust me, your man will appreciate it. Looking for interesting things: for example, a disc with a movie that we’ll watch it together, or tickets to the fashion show. Team game result is always very common. In addition, you will see it in all its glory: how he is emotional and what he thinks, whether he could give in, whether he inclined to leadership, and the like.

For the romantics

for romantic

If you feel that your hero is a romantic nature, feel free to offer him a walk along the river, horseback riding or hot air balloon flight. Or walk around the city with a camera and you can even two. Arrange a photo session for each other, clear the best places in his beloved city. Route you can consider in advance. Even if you have no will, memory photos.

For shy people

Have a picnic outside the city, where a lot of space, air and no prying eyes. If your boy is very intelligent, he would rather not appear in a swanky restaurant, surrounded by beautiful nature. Collect the real picnic basket and grab a blanket. Delicious food, comfortable postures, philosophical mood — will contribute to the success of a date.

For All

Go to a karaoke club or to the Park. Both will give you unpunished joy: can loudly sing and ride all the rides in a row. Never underestimate childhood memories. Even if a guy will not really, you still have a good time.

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