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emo dating

At all times young boys and girls trying to stand out from the crowd, become not such as everything, to oppose the conservative world. Thus was born a new subculture, punks and rockers of the 60s and 70s and this is the birth of the modern youth trends. Goths and emo are popular nowadays. And so we just can’t cover the topic of Dating with emo boys and Gothic girls, and Vice versa.

Special features

To discover the Goths first of all you need to know what they look like. Black tight clothing, corsets, maczewski girls, high laced boots – on them you will easily recognize an adherent of goth culture. “War paint” is also ready shots and unusual: long, dyed black hair, abundantly supplied with dark mascara eyes and deadly paleness of the face and neck, which leaves no one pack of powder. Fun emo will take place faster if you know what emo is, as a rule, boys and girls of a young age with long, black, straight hair. Piercing, black nail Polish, braids and ponytails are also essential attributes of any emo girl.

Special features

Where to meet?

Theoretically, to get acquainted with the emo kid, as it is sometimes called an emo, or a goth can be everywhere. After all, they are people just like everyone else – they go to school or College, ride the subway and public transport, use the Internet and mobile phones. And to recognize them in the crowd after reading the first paragraph of the article, it will be not so difficult. As for the place, then, for example, the Kaluga area is a traditional meeting place and communication for ready. In addition, the emo and Goths gather together in large gatherings, such as concerts in the Gothic and emo groups.

Where to meet

But in practice, familiarity with the emo may be harder than it seemed before. Because not everyone can approach a strange woman in the subway and speak, and especially to the entire company. And not everyone in the class is emo-boys or Goths, which, despite the proliferation of these subcultures, not so much in the mass of people. In this sense, online Dating is a great way to find a soul mate, from which all the family will go into shock. Let us discuss this in more detail.

How to meet?

Sure that you already have profiles on a pair of triple well-known Dating sites, so let’s get right to the point – how on these sites to find a Gothic or emo one? Will give a few simple tips.


Not even small photos this emo or goth is very easy to learn. And if in doubt – ask directly, maybe it just drip ink?


Just try to type in the search bar “Emo” and “goth”. Surely you will find at least a few questionnaires, and from this we can begin. But if not out – then for you the following method.


How to meet

Almost all subcultures were born around a certain style of music. Goth and emo in this sense, no exception. Many people post in your profile your favorite music, and you can use that. Just search for the names of the most popular Gothic or emo bands, and you will surely find their fans. Goths like to listen to Theatre of tragedy, Lacrimosa, Samsas Traum, Chris Pohl, and even Marilyn Manson, although the latter is the music style “Gothic” has no direct relationship.Emo-kidy, also, prefer modern The Used, Funeral For A Friend and more old Gray Matter, The Hated, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Special sites

The network has many Gothic and emo-sites, which bring together representatives of these subcultures. They are easy to find through search engines by typing “goth website” or “site emo”, for example in Yandex. Surely this portal is, if not a special category of “Dating”, then at least a forum or a chat – and this is your chance to meet real Goths and emo. The main thing – not to be confused with the same guests as you.

Sure, with these simple tips you will be able to one or a few nights to meet a real emo macho or Gothic beauty.

Watch the video about 7 ways to tell if you’re emo:

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