Tips for dating someone new

Meeting new friends

You don’t like to go to public places, clubs, and parties. A few friends think you’re introverted and reclusive man. To become a welcome guest in any company and make new friends, you need to know a few secrets how to meet people.

Why is it hard to meet people?

make friend

Primarily out of fear. In order to successfully start Dating, you need to stop all the time to think about what impression you make on others. Let the conversation flow naturally. Stop being afraid of the other person and try to understand it. Think about your voice and appearance in the least. But first think about what interests the person, what you can talk to him. Better think through a few topics for conversation in advance.

What to do?

How unsociable and rude do not cause other people’s desire to communicate. However, positive is better not to overdo it. If you’re chattering, out of place giggle or smile mysteriously, it will look weird and might scare the other person. Excessive admiration of new acquaintances to be not worth it. But a compliment on my beautiful earrings and the awareness of the person in any narrow issue would be appropriate.

How to find common ground

How to find common ground

During the first conversation with the person show interest in what he was saying. React to his words, nod, say: “well spotted!” etc. Try to find out what you have in common and build on that conversation. To start with neutral topics. For example, you can talk about beer or wine being served in this institution, and which pleases both of you. Then you can move on to other topics. Ask what movie your friend was watching the new last ask his opinion about the game of actors. Intimate fact about personal life, family, domestic problems during the first meeting it is better to avoid.

Sign language helps to get acquainted

To_meet you will help sign language

To understand the human reaction to your presence you can, if you learn to understand sign language. For example, if the interlocutor during a conversation turns away, looks away, glances at the door or at the clock, he probably wants to leave. Your gestures can also scare the interlocutor, so they need to be controlled. Don’t look too closely the person in the eye, do not incline above him, not nod a hundred times. Try at first acquaintance not to touch the body and hair of a person – it can be regarded as an invasion of personal space.

Do not worry about failures


If the conversation is not glued, try to change the subject or plan of action. For example, you see that people, despite all your efforts, not showing you affection, don’t take everything so personally. Perhaps the person is bored at work or upset about something. Maybe the person’s toothache, and then you and your talk. It is possible that the person with whom you want to make friends, just rude. Therefore, try to meet someone else. This attempt may be more successful.

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