Dating in College

dating in college

If you are a guy who is studying in College and who has no girl – your life is boring and lonely. Along with many everyday problems such as education, wash, social pressure and so on, the last thing you should worry about is why your friends have girls, and you do not! From practical experience, we will tell you about three ways how to Dating in College.


  1.  Use your connections and friends. You should always be aware of any planned or party, and also have the opportunity to be invited. In College, those guys that also are interested in finding girls can come together to search for the best places for Dating in College, and beyond. Also check the news on social networking sites such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, where you can also get information about upcoming parties. And before you start to act, remember, do not be afraid to visit a new party, because you never know what you’ll find. Be spontaneous, and even if you could not attend the event, just start looking for sites
  2.  Arrange a party at home. As soon as you make new friends, invite all to yourself. In this case you act as a leader. Your friends invited their friends, and you are already on your taste you can choose with whom to meet. That being said, what the doctor ordered! Throw a fun themed event at your house or in the auditorium, for example: “Director and Secretary”, “COP and criminal” and so on. Learn best practices how to start a conversation with a stranger. You can also consult with friends on how to improve or diversify the lives of students in the evenings. In College there are several responsible people, for example, the student Council is responsible for the Assembly hall, responsible for the bar. Choose what suits you best and enjoy the
  3.  Learn “cold” approach. The best places will be your classroom, a café, an auditorium, a courtyard, a library and coffee shop. The classical approach of pick up artist in this case is not appropriate as the girls in those places are more concerned about their reputation. Imagine if you started a conversation with them and suddenly some friend interrupts and starts talking about a little known person, the girl will probably be scared. In each situation needs its own approach.bibliotech


  • Practice and select the option that suits you best.
  • You can find anyone who is just sitting there reading or studying. As a rule, these people are all engaged in their work – someone is reading, someone is calling, someone is expecting someone. Try different approaches to strike up a conversation, for example, to those girls who just flick through books or already leaving the library. These girls are more open and have more time to talk.

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