At a restaurant. Rules of conduct


As a rule, a disturbing event – after all not every day we dare to potrapeznichat a campaign in restaurant for the woman in an elite situation. There is a special etiquette of behavior in similar institutions. We will consider the basic rules for women to feel at restaurant comfortably and naturally.



Before being engaged in a toilet choice, it is quite good to learn, to which institution you will go. Try to learn about this place more. If it is high-class restaurant where an appropriate level of service, you need to choose a magnificent dress and an elegant make-up. If this thematic institution, it is possible to put on not so elegantly here. But everything, from a hairdress to footwear, has to correspond to an image in general.

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At an entrance


Leave outerwear, bags, packages in clothes. If at restaurant it is allowed to the lady is in a raincoat, that, sitting down, you shouldn’t start it to straighten. Mirrors serve in the hall to be convinced of impeccability of appearance. If you noticed that it is necessary to correct a make-up or a hairdress, leave to the bathroom. If the table is already reserved, the satellite itself conducts you to him. If isn’t present, then to a little table you will be seen off by the headwaiter. Behind him the woman, and follows the first her – the man.

Etiquette at a table


According to rules, a little table and a place where you will sit, the man chooses. Also he is obliged to remove a chair and to help you to settle.   You can break the first prolonged silence, but rustle and it is impossible loudly laugh categorically. Behave naturally: equal tone, tranquillity and ease – it is quite enough. The woman allows to choose dishes, most often, to the satellite. But you are able to do it also. If you were interested by an unfamiliar dish, invite the waiter, he will tell everything.

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At a restaurant. Rules of conduct

At a choice of dishes, reflect, how accurately and esthetically you will be able to use it. Pay attention to simpler dishes. And quails, the baked bony fish or tough meat it is better to ignore. If it appeared that the menu in language unfamiliar to you, don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions.   Don’t order much. Give preference hot and to snack. By rules of etiquette, the man has to offer the lady a dessert. But if it doesn’t occur, and you very much want, safely order.

Apparently, anything difficult in restaurant etiquette for the woman isn’t present. All rules are simple and logical. If to follow these recommendations, the meal will pass pleasantly and easy. And of course, don’t forget to tell the word of gratitude to the satellite for perfectly spent time.

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