10 Unhacked Ideas For the Second Date


To think up idea for the second date – can seem a complex challenge. You already made good impression but where now the “newly made couple” you have no story the slightest concept. Use the following trouble-free helps. You, of course, can repeat and descend in the same institution for the second time. But the best second date is the movement. Shopping center, roller skates or picnic. In such places you have an opportunity to move, to flirt more and better to know each other. We offer some ideas for the second date which guarantee you the third meeting.

Shopping center


During shopping or simply shopping without the purchase purpose here and now you have many subjects for conversation, both important, and comic. The shopping center allows to see the person in a natural environment and the easy atmosphere. Shopping is a fine way to learn about the real tastes and interests of the elect. As both persons constantly are in the movement, it does communication much more vigorous and live. The guy will understand at once, whether the girl is able to save money, and she, in turn, will see, her how generous new young man.

Flea market


Walking on a flea market, it is possible to find a set of remarkable things which you never saw or didn’t see many years. It provides almost infinite source of conversation. If your first appointment was not really dynamic, it is excellent idea for the second meeting. Most often in such markets there is a live music and very unusual cafes with good food. Surely buy the girl during appointment a small souvenir for memory.

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Bowling/roller skates


Bowling is an excellent way actively to carry out the second appointment. For a start, the guy needs to be convinced that the girl doesn’t consider herself “too abrupt for such actions as bowling or rollers”. But if the girl agrees at once, so she loves adventures, she active and fun. The only thing governed – carefree to spend time and in any cases not to be afflicted concerning the lost game.

Movie theater


The movie theater is an excellent place to invite the girl to appointment, but only not on the first, after all it is difficult to spend time with someone when you can’t talk during the movie. It is best of all to go to a premiere. But if you want to stay alone, choose the movie which already long time is in hire, then the hall it will be guaranteed thin. Always consider spectator interests of the girl and choose simple films for viewing: comedies or romantic dramas.

Live music


Live speeches of musicians are always followed by explosion of emotions, thus, a concert can become excellent binding experience. For the second date it is better to find a small concert – in club, restaurant or on the street. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money for tickets of a known star at this stage. And you will manage to communicate much more among a small handful of people, than at stadium among 15.000 people.

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Bicycle race


We don’t speak about close suits, hillsides and high-speed bicycles. Simply invite the girl to quiet bicycle race on the next district: it can be a picturesque look or interesting city quarter. But you don’t speak to the girl where you go. Women love a little mysteriousness and confidence that it is possible to rely on the man. Such appointment will help you to define, whether the girl wants to leave the zone of comfort and to try new things. “But” – warn one in advance that the girl came in jeans or shorts.



Picnic is classical and trouble-free option for the second date. The good way to diversify a campaign on the nature is to plan picnic for all day. The park is a standard place for picnic, but you can go to other place: on a beach or the lake. The second date outdoors will be obligatory easy and easy, after a formal and intense first meeting.

House dinner/joint cookery


Women adore men who know how to cook. Dishes shouldn’t be extravagant, after all this appointment, first of all, has to show simple skills of cooking, but not great skills of Jamie Oliver. Though if you in soul the chef, can strike the girl with the risotto or Bourguignon. You shouldn’t experiment and better to prepare dishes in which you are really good. Don’t begin before arrival of your girl better, but be surely convinced that you have all necessary ingredients. Also don’t forget about wine.

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Wake in yourself and your girl of the child. The amusement park will help to liberate much better, than all other places. Here it is possible to fool about, flitt, in common to overcome the fears, to gorge on cotton candy and with all the heart to shout on “roller coaster”. Your second date will become obligatory active and very emotional.

How to create sexual tension on the second date


The best way to create sexual tension is to remind of him in conversation. Let your girl knows that she suggests you too ambiguous idea when there are near you in movie theater or where you were. You can play and defiantly define a little an invisible wall between you to let know that you don’t want to cross through a side of the legal. But nobody forbids to dart glances or unintentionally to touch during appointment. This technique shows that you not the sexual maniac also don’t try to cause aggression from your girl. It cheerfully, coquettishly and surely will be pleasant to her, though subconsciously.

In summary

The most important component of the second date is quiet or vigorous activity. It will allow both of you to enjoy, be oneself and create an easy situation. Use one of the ideas given above, and you surely agree about the third date.

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