10 rules for successful Dating!


The art of Dating, like any other field of activity, requires certain skills. More you train better work! Try to use the following simple rules. You’ll see they work! Proven experience! Just bring these skills to automatism and you will see how girls will be drawn to you yourself.

1. Don’t try to impress her

Watch your mood. The mood should be great. Feel the confidence. Imagine yourself as the sun, be positive the light and heat. Don’t try to please a girl, but just go with it good mood, give her positive emotions.

2. Draw all the attention


Create a situation so that she looked at you. Make you noticed. In a cafe, ask the administrator by name when you come with a smile and a pleasant voice. Sit in the center of the room. Walk past the girl you liked a few times for example, to a rack in the bathroom, talk on the phone, something else to order.

3. Make a good first impression

A good first impression – the key to success. Be polite waiters be attentive to all that you do to the beginning to make a good impression on others. For example, if you ran into a girl at the entrance, hold her the door.

4. Watch your body language


Head up, shoulders back, chest out. Take smooth posture strong men, be open to communication. Such a posture will give you confidence in yourself. No need to fumble nervously wipes or nail biting, relax and enjoy the process. Imagine yourself from the outside, follow all the movements of his body.
Move beautifully.

5. Watch the facial expressions

Lift up the corners of the lips up, do a half smile, not gloom eyebrow. Smiling waiters, friends, show to everyone that you have a good mood and you’re ready to share them.

6. Establish eye contact


Imagine that you have chest glow of warm sunshine. Feel like you’re giving warmth and light to a girl that you liked. Look her in the eye, be sure to smile. Remember, girls – over-emotional, live feelings, so
smile sincerely. Imagine what she, what’s her character feel it. Turn around, go about your business, for example, order or laptop or just talk with each other. Then face it look again, as if by hance. Somewhere out (see section 2) and accidentally smile at her again. She’s already interested.

7. Just say, “hi!”

Do not pull the rubber. If a girl smiles at you, move on to more action. Wink, slightly tilt your head, just
say “Hello”. Introduce yourself, ask her name, and then the conversation itself to start up. Invite her to your table.

8. Communicate with them on equal terms


Don’t worry about her, no matter how super-nice it was. Be STRONG the man next to her. If you let her to exercise power over you, it kill sexuality. Don’t ask her permission. Don’t use the word “may” in phrases like: “Can I have your phone number?”, “May I have this dance?”. Choose the correct

9. If it doesn’t suit you, find another

See what impression you produce. Track it the reaction to your words and actions, and remember what works and what no. Observe her posture and emotional state. Determine it is suitable for you or not (Yes, girls too need to deny). If not, don’t worry. Remember the experience and find another beauty.

10. Found another one, repeat all over again

Skills come with time. Don’t be afraid of a long search, because at the end all, you’ll understand what women want to see and you know that in turn, I want girl from you.

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